Eastleigh Local Election 2021 - Candidate Questions and Answers

“Let’s make real change together!”

We’re all told voting in elections is important - but we’re often given absolutely no information to go on, or for general elections so much it makes people totally overwhelmed and fed up of hearing about it.

This is an attempt to fix that information gap for the current local elections. If you have a question you’d like your local candidates to answer, please. We’ll invite all the candidates to answer your questions. If some don’t respond, perhaps we can learn something from that.

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If you’ve ever moaned about how bad things are, or how “They’re all the same”. “It doesn’t make a difference anyway”. Now would be the time to do something.

Local politicians start life just like you and me, they just went a step further to put their name forward to represent us and try to make Eastleigh better in the best way they knew how. Somehow along the journey we seem to have forgotten that, and instead focus on finger pointing and blame. Lets turn this around in Eastleigh!

One is better than the other for you. They are not “all the same”.

I know voting is important; but it’s often impossible to find any detail on local candidates or what they stand for. Surely voting in local elections simply by colour is wrong? Google them, and you’ll often find nothing useful. I know I’ve fallen into this trap and voted for the wrong people before. I was part of the problem.

What if we could change that? What if we could get some good local information together before the vote so people can make informed decisions? The aim here is to create a place where open discussions can be had on politics. Where people can ask open questions, and candidates can safely answer them.

If you want to take part post your candidate question here, we as a community can post the best questions and invite candidates to publicly answer your questions. Candidates can proactively get involved at any time and answer or discuss any question.

If you want to get involved, or have a suggestion on how this can be improved or how you think we as a community can do better, hit reply.

Well done for reading this far! Now go post your question here.