What makes you think you're a good choice to represent us?

Question posted to Eastleigh 2021 local election candidates
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What makes you think you're a good choice to represent us?
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Experience: I have been a Borough Councillor, a Parish Councillor, and a School Governor. I am a Trustee of the Twynam’s Charities in Fair Oak and of the Community Library. Retired from working for the Blue Cross I managed a veterinary hospital with 90 staff and a £5 million budget.

Local: lived in Fair Oak for 20 years; our daughters attended Fair Oak Infants and Juniors, and Wyvern, plus Brownies and Guides.

Committed: hard-working and part of the community.

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I believe that I am a good choice to represent the community because of my:

(i) practical experience: I have served in a range of senior management roles in business, including at director level. I therefore have a strong understanding of: (a) how to ensure good and transparent governance; (b) financial affairs / how to budget effectively; (c) how to interpret and apply laws and regulations; and (d) what matters to customers;

(ii) abilities as an advocate: I have substantial experience of advocacy in its written and oral forms. I believe that one of the main functions of a councillor is to advocate for their local area, even if they do not possess the functional powers to change particular things (e.g. because certain matters are reserved to national government). I have often had to advocate for apparent ‘lost causes’ in my professional career, something which I should come in useful in a local authority; and

(iii) willingness to listen. Yes, I have my own strongly held political views. However, I personally think the quality of political debate in this country has been in steady decline for a number of years. There was once a time when one could respect an opponent for their integrity and commitment to the cause, something which would invariably lead one to reflect on their own cause. For example, whilst I did not (and do not) subscribe to much of the politics of Tony Benn or Paddy Ashdown, I respected their abilities as speakers and public servants. Nowadays, it seems like much political debate is ill-informed, with opponents talking across each other and seeking to take offence at almost every opportunity. Being involved in politics is hard. It is hard to knock on someone’s door. Hard to listen to an opponent that stands for everything you personally are not in favour of. However, we need to start talking again. Make your arguments with vigour whilst in battle, but be prepared to buy your opponent a pint afterwards…

Alexander Culley
Reform UK candidate for Eastleigh North (Hampshire County Council) and Eastleigh Central (Eastleigh Borough Council)

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Wow great responses so far, thanks @StevenBroomfield & @ACulley.

The fact you’re both here first and responding without me yet proactively contacting candidates shows you’re both also open to finding new approaches and trying new ways of communicating, which I and I’m sure others will really appreciate!

Ps absolutely agree with you @ACulley on the state of the political conversation! Eastleigh online is my attempt to improve it here!

Thanks again!

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This feels very unnatural to do this :joy:


  • Created, run and grew a local voluntary organisation

  • Multiple voluntary and governance/trustee roles

  • Successful in business globally - running teams, understanding organisation structures and process

Summary: I can negotiate organisations, coordinate successful outcomes and bring people together to deliver and meet requirements

Why am I doing this?

  • I’ve been involved in different things in Eastleigh all my life, having lived here all my life.

  • I stood in the General Election (and got roundly hammered by the Brexit situation) but promised I’d still be here campaigning to make Eastleigh better. I am and have been doing that.

Things I’ve done to make Eastleigh better?

I’ve done a lot of stuff over my 30-odd years in Eastleigh so I’m not going to treat this as a vanity project but here’s a brief summary:

  • secured housing for vulnerable residents
  • supported the rejection of the Local Plan
  • campaigned to maintain Eastleigh’s Heritage
  • secured free post address from EBC to set-up postal vote applications
  • exposed financial waste by EBC
  • campaigned for the return of streetlighting
  • campaigned against stealth taxes and parking permits forced by EBC
  • raised multiple issues from bin collections to environmental concerns directly with councillors to find outcomes for our community

If you’ve made it this far I’m hoping you can see someone who consistently fights to make Eastleigh better, that has experience of public and private organisations and has the determination to fix the issues in the community that we live.



I am a person who listens, considers and then takes action. What I mean by that is that if there is an injustice then I take it upon myself to help and try to make it right. I try to make a difference and am always seeking to improve things that are important. I have been very unhappy with the imbalance of our Council and instead of complaining about it, I am seeking a position so I can work to make things better. I am altruistic and think that by working across the political spectrum, we can strengthen our representation. I am very diligent and always do make sure I do my research. Finally, I am honest. If I don’t know the answer, I will tell you so, but I will always go away and look into it and reply to you. As part of the Conservative Party, I have a great team behind me who are always on hand to lend support and advice, including our very hard-working MP Paul Holmes. I believe I will do a very good job and that people can support me safe in the knowledge that they are making the right decision.

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