Who is standing in Eastleigh Local Elections 2021?

Update 07/05/2021


Update 08/04/2021
The council have now released the official candidates, and this list below has been updated accordingly.


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Political leaflet archive can be found here Political Leaflets - Eastleigh Online

Lets work together and help each-other find who is right for our respective areas. :slight_smile:

Eastleigh Borough Council



Bursledon and Hound North

Chandlers Ford

Eastleigh Central

Eastleigh North

Eastleigh South

Fair Oak and Horton Heath

Hamble and Netley

Hedge End North

Hedge End South


Hampshire County Council

Bishopstoke and Fair Oak

Botley and Hedge End North

Chandlers Ford

Eastleigh North

Eastleigh South


Hedge End and West End South

West End and Horton Heath

Hampshire Police and Crime Commissioner

  • Steve James-Bailey (Hampshire Independents) Website
  • Donna Jones (Conservatives) Website
  • Richard Murphy (Lib Dem) Website
  • Tony Bunday (Labour and Co-operative Party) Website

Parish Councils

Allbrook Parish Council

Bishopstoke Parish Council

  • Peter Brown (Lib Dem)
  • Ralph Candy (Independent Bishopstoke and Fair Oak Group)
  • Susan Lynch (Independent Bishopstoke and Fair Oak Group)
  • Trevor Mignot (Lib Dem)
  • Mike Thornton (Lib Dem)

Bishopstoke (Riverside)

  • Sid Dajani (Lib Dem)
  • Andrew Daly (Lib Dem)
  • Dave Francis (Independent Bishopstoke and Fair Oak Group)
  • Louise Hillier-Wheal (Independent Bishopstoke and Fair Oak Group)
  • Mark Kirby (Lib Dem)
  • Christine McKeone (Labour)

Bishopstoke (Stoke Common) (UNCONTESTED! All win!)

  • Anne Dean (Independent - Bishopstoke and Fair Oak Group)
  • Gin Tidridge (Independent - Bishopstoke and Fair Oak Group)

Bishopstoke (Underwood) (UNCONTESTED! All win!)

  • Ray Dean (Independent - Bishopstoke and Fair Oak Group)
  • Dermot McKeone (Labour)
  • Andy Moore (Hampshire Independents)

Bishopstoke (Whalesmead)

Botley Parish Council (UNCONTESTED! All win!)

  • Jonathan Appleby (Independent)
  • Sue Grinham (Independent)
  • Roger Hann (Independent)
  • Dave Kinlock (Lib Dem)
  • Rupert Kyrle (LIb Dem)
  • Betty-Lou Layland (Labour)
  • Colin Mercer (Independent)
  • Adrian Trace (Lib Dem)
  • Stephen Wildin (Independent)

Hamble-Le-Rice Parish Council

  • Sheelagh Cohen (Independent)
  • Malcolm Cross (Lib Dem)
  • Trevor Dann (Resident of Hamble for 21 years)
  • Simon Hand (Independent)
  • Hayley Homer (Labour)
  • Chris Jones (Lib Dem)
  • Sarah Lehneis (Independent)
  • Michelle Nicholson (Independent)
  • Craig Palmer (Lib Dem)
  • Debs Rolfe (Independent)
  • Tony Ryan (Independent)
  • Andrew Thompson
  • Ian Underdown (Independent)

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These look to be the people who’s seats will become available, so may seek re-election.

Eastleigh Borough Council Seats up

Ward Cllr Served Since Party
Eastleigh Central Wayne Irish 1982 LD
Hedge End South Keith House 1991 LD
Hedge End North Derek Pretty 2002 LD
Bursledon and Hound North Steve Holes 2004 LD
Hamble and Netley Malcolm Cross 2007 LD
Chandlers Ford David Pragnell 2012 LD
Hiltingbury Margret Atkinson 2014 Cons
Fair Oak and Horton Heath Nicholas Couldrey 2016 LD
Eastleigh South Alex Bourne 2018 LD
Eastleigh North Vacancy
Bishopstoke Gin Tidridge 2018 Ind
Botley Adrian Trace 2018 LD

Hampshire County Council Seats up

Ward Cllr Served Since Party
Eastleigh North Daniel Clarke 2017 Lib Dem
Eastleigh South Wayne Irish 2017 Lib Dem
Hedge End & West End South Tonia Craig 2017 Lib Dem
Chandler’s Ford Judith Grajewski 2015 Conservative
Hamble Keith House 2001 Lib Dem
West End & Horton Heath Bruce Tennent 2009 Lib Dem
Bishopstoke & Fair Oak Mike Thornton 2017 Lib Dem

Me, myself. For Eastleigh Central (EBC) and Eastleigh North (HCC), standing for Labour and Cooperative :rose: :honeybee:

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Awesome, congratulations! I just added you - though this is a wiki page so any trusted community member can edit it, including you, not just me. :slight_smile:

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I’m also standing in Eastleigh North for the HCC elections as well as for the Borough elections. :smiley:


Welcome aboard @TParkEastleighN , I notice @jtonline already updated the above wiki page and add you!

Nicely done @jtonline ! Benefits of working as a community to keep things accurate. :slight_smile:


Was Daniel Clarke de-selected in Eastleigh North for the county seat?


Looks that way @WalkerB !

I’ve just updated the likely vacant seats post above to include the county seats (Who is standing in Eastleigh Local Elections 2021? - #2 by afdy)

Dear WalkerB I certainly was not. I stated some time ago that I would not be standing for re - election to HCC. This was announced at an Allbrook PC meeting in 2020 and all the relevant community groups were made aware. Obviously this has not exactly been front page news given the events of the last year. HCC membership wouldn’t be practical for me over the next four years due to things I intend to pursue away from politics. Jephthe Doguie was selected last summer to be the Lib Dem candidate however he withdrew last week and Tanya Park is now the Lib Dem candidate, I wish her well. Many thanks, Daniel Clarke.


Our candidates and website will be updated shortly:

Conservative Candidates in the Borough elections:

Fair Oak and Horton Heath: Steven Broomfield
Botley: Joy Haythorne
Hedge End South: Jerry Hall
Hedge End North: Sue Hall
Bishopstoke: Ben Burcombe-Filer
Hamble: Mike Preston
Eastleigh North: Lisa Crosher
Eastleigh South: SImon Payne
Eastleigh Central: Christopher Yates
Bursledon and Hound North: Paul Redding

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Conservative County Election Candidates within the Eastleigh Constituency are as follows:

Bishopstoke and Fair Oak: Ben Burcombe-Filer
Botley and Hedge End North: Sue Hall
Eastleigh North: Lisa Crosher
Eastleigh South: Shelagh Lee
Hamble: Michael Preston
Hedge End and West End South: Jerry Hall
West End and Horton Heath: Steven Broomfield.

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Awesome stuff, all updated! Thanks @PaulHolmes88 and welcome aboard! :slight_smile:

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The full list is out now!

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Not much diversity in Eastleigh South! Surprised to not see any independents - still three very different people, three very different values, three very different messages.

County is diverse… all right wingers and me :joy:

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Awesome, just ran through and updated the list here to keep it up to date. I’ve kept the order of the candidates in
a) the order they communicated they were standing as some have been very proactive.
and then b) the order new ones were discovered from the official list today.

Saw you linked some up to their whocanivotefor profiles; great idea!

Hope to get more of them on to whocanivotefor (dadops permitting) so I’ll keep adding links when I can.

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Lots of choice in central Eastleigh - good for democracy.

Really surprised Green Party is not standing a candidate.

Alexander Culley
Reform UK candidate for Eastleigh Central (Eastleigh Borough Council) and Eastleigh North (Hampshire County Council)

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There really is lots of choice in Eastleigh Central, the problem I see is that since lib dems have been the only ones leaflet-bombarding the entire area for a while now they will pick the most votes, and the remainder of the opposition vote will be divided amongst many candidates.

So in theory due to more people standing, the lib dem’s win is made easier…

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My initial reaction to those candidates (bear in mind I’m new to the area).

Wayne Irish - Incumbent. Hasn’t missed a single council meeting this year, so at least doing that for his constituents but downside is he’s a LD and doesn’t seem that active on social media, despite it possibly being a new normal in a pandemic

Josh Constable - making big waves in Eastleigh Labour alongside Sam, and is active in the community on here and on FB. However Labour’s opposition to the Airport expansion may cost him.

Alexander Culley - speaks well on posts on here. An interesting prospect, I’m just not sure I agree with Reform UK

Christopher Yates - if its the same Mr Yates, he seems to be bouncing all over. Doesn’t seem to be a Central local (so not overly sure why he was picked by @PaulHolmes88, or maybe its saying something about the Conservatives’ outlook for winning the area). In 2017 he was standing for HCC Eastleigh North, 2018 Hedge End.

Sukhdev Raj - not too much about him. Posts on Eastleigh Neighbours here and there. Not expecting too much

So yep, it’s still open from my perspective. I think Mr Irish may be hard to beat, but seeing it currently as more of a 3 horse race as opposed to 5