Eastleigh Lib Dem's 2021 Leaflet 8 - "Cllr Mike Thornton"

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Cllr Mike Thornton

Dear (individually addressed)

In May’s County Council elections, I will be standing for re-election for Bishopstoke and Fair Oak. Why? Because our villages continue to need a strong, experienced voice standing up for them at the County, and to give the best chance for a change at Hampshire to put people first.

Over the last decade the Conservatives have increased council tax faster than earnings. That has cost the average family an extra £250 in just the last five years. Meanwhile:

  • Services for the young and the old are cut.
  • Our roads crumble as traffic gets worse: they’ve still no plan for Bishopstoke Road.
  • Our infrastructure and public services buckle under the strain of more and more people.
    Our children cannot afford to live where they grew up.
    Our countryside is under attack from developers, causing massive targets for new houses imposed by the Conservative government.

The main problem is the year on year financial cuts imposed on the County by the Conservatives who want to control everything. As a member of the Health & Adult Social Care Select Committee I have been saddened by how these cuts affect the most vulnerable in our county.

The pandemic means public money is going to be tight for some years. We know the Conservatives answer is always to cut services and investment, and its our old people, residents and communities which suffer.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Our Borough Council has proved services can be saved, and even improved, yet at the same time the Borough Council Tax has come down in real terms every year for 18 years. Over 1,000 social homes for local residents have been provided in the last three years. The Council will plant 160,000 new trees and is rewilding farms to protect our biodiversity and stop urban sprawl. Change for the better is possible.

I hope you will support again here this time. Working together we can get real improvements for Bishopstoke and Fair Oak.

With best wishes,

Cllr Mike Thornton.

P.S. Please do get in touch - by email at mike.thornton6@gmail.com, by phone on 02380 643596 - if we can be of any help to you. Please back me again this time for new hope for Hampshire.

Mike Thonton
Thursday 6th May - Hampshire County Council Election

This year’s County Council elections are important. They will decide who will stand up for our villages and get the funds we need to tackle traffic and save community services.

Mike has a record of fighting for our area for 20 years. He’s part of our community. Mike is the ONLY candidate in this election with the track record of holding Hampshire to account.

The only way to make sure we get Mike and the team working for you is to back Mike in the election on Thursday, 6th May.

Council Tax Guarantee
The Lib Dem’s 20 year Council Tax Guarantee is protecting your pocket right through to 2023 at Eastleigh.

The Lib Dems at Eastleigh have cut the Borough’s part of Council Tax in real terms every year for 18 years running already - real action to tackle the rising cost of living and give you certainty with your finances.

Hampshire Conservatives have hiked the County Tax by 27% in just six years and cut services.

We can’t afford the Conservatives running Hampshire!

The Lib Dem’s are on your side.

Three things to remember here…

  1. Only the liberal democrats can beat the tories in our area. Labour cannot win here.
  2. The Conservatives have axed vital services at Hampshire - but are stashing £600,000,000 (yes that’s £600 MILLION) of YOUR tax in the County bank - they don’t deserve to win!
  3. Only the Liberal Democrats stand up for our villages all year, every year - and Mike is a key member of the team.

@jtonline whats your thoughts on this?

@Sam4eastleigh I’d like more independent candidates please. Ta very much :slight_smile:

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As some one who lives in bishy. Having lived all my life in the borough. You say “only the Fib Dems stand up for our villages”. How can you do that in Bishy when it fully Independant.?
Does it worry you that your fellow party members have run up a debt at EBC of over 400 million? Have you ever asked House how and when this debt will be payed off?


Think the debt is £540m now! :scream:

Wow, big number! Is this captured regularly anywhere? It’d be good to get a trending of it for say the past 30 years. :slight_smile: