Wanted: independent candidates!

The elections aren’t far off and it would be amazing if there were a few more independent candidates to choose from. Do you know anyone who would make a good councillor, or are you interested in standing? It might be daunting to do it alone but what if there was some help and support? Are there enough people in Eastleigh willing to give it a try?

Flatpack Democracy has some interesting resources and is kickstarting a community-led independents campaign for the local elections.


If anyone is interested and slightly anxious about doing it alone; i’d also suggest reaching out to the Bishopstoke Independents who I’m sure would offer help!

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Aha, thanks for the link, I wondered if they had a website!

Hi I’m Lou, one of the Independents on Eastleigh Borough Council and Bishopstoke Parish Council. If anybody would like an informal chat on standing as an independent candidate feel free to contact me, I’d be happy to chat.


Our website is very new! We have tried to get a website going in the past - but recently, a local resident very kindly built us one that works with limited web editing skills. All feedback very welcome - especially as we are still learning how to use this media…


I think it looks really good, and it’ll be nice to be able to find out more about Eastleigh’s independent councillors.


Costly for an independent to fight a solid campaign based on values. Surely you don’t just want independently wealthy candidates?

I don’t but I also don’t just want the wealthiest party (which has decided to prioritise the seat) winning.


On that front, there needs to be more people calling out the blatant misleading going on by specific parties.

It’s no coincidence that many people across the borough are silent on a specific party behaviour but double down on others.

We’ve spent two years listening to people locally - surveys, sampling, feedback. We’ve created a local manifesto through that activity based on local requirements. That’s proper local politics - values based, requirements driven. Will that land? Looks good so far… but time will tell.

If you’re unhappy with the way Eastleigh is then it’s time rip the root cause out rather than saying they are the lesser evil (when actually that’s spin as history has shown).

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Putting party before what’s best for Eastleigh? I would definitely like to rip parties out of local politics, which is why I’m keen to see more independent candidates :grin:

Btw. have you published your local manifesto yet?


Not sure political parties are the problem - they represent values and mentality.

It’s quite unique to be able to say that every issue in Eastleigh is a direct result of two political parties. Independents don’t resolve the issue but help drive the diversity that’s required in local government.

Also, as we see with ‘Hampshire Independents’, this narrative of ‘independents’ can be hijacked… just like the concept of ‘facts’.

The only place independence is found is where there is no outright control of any stakeholders.

In the short term, it’s time to rip the key issue out of where we live - the poison that’s rotting our community. I think we both know who and what that is.

I’m not surprised that a party candidate doesn’t think parties are a problem :slight_smile:

I agree that we need more diversity: a council dominated by Labour councillors would be just as bad. I also agree that being, or saying, you’re an independent doesn’t automatically make you the best candidate. It would be nice to have a choice between independent candidates.

Unfortunately the next general election probably isn’t for a few years yet. Even worse, party politics probably means we’ll be stuck with him, or his replacement if he finds an even safer seat like his predecessor.

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