Eastleigh Lib Dem's - tackling climate change by 11+ Leaflets in the last 2 months!

This election we have been absolutely bombarded by lib dem leaflets. I never realised quite how many they send until i decided to start collecting political leaflets and publishing them so people can openly discuss and challenge them.

I count at least 11 in the past couple of months to hit our area? How is this acceptable and tackling climate change? Here’s a list of them below - though this isn’t all of them as the leaflet archive has leaflets from other areas too.

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Last count I had was 15, with @Diggers ’ most recent post it’s 16.

Which I think is still a bit light on the true count, and probably based on us not covering all corners of Eastleigh just quite yet.

At least they should be recyclable, right? Not all leaflets have been :frowning:


Good points! I bet a big portion are stuck in landfill!

But also leaflets do impact the environment more than just the trees that were used, the printing and recycling process must be a tad wasteful also. Leaflets also need to be moved from A to B.

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All mine recyclable - you’re also not counting the four sent over the past 6 months (including during lockdown).