Eastleigh Crime Increase?

Anyone else noticing a increase in break ins etc? And the amount of crime that’s happening this used to be a good area.
I recently moved back in Eastleigh as I grew up only for my bicycle to be stolen the next day.

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This is similar to a post @Sam4eastleigh setup over here:

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I did see you edited and changed the content instead to ask a question about crime. I certainly think some crime is on the rise. There was a massive spike in break ins in fair oak over the last few months leading to this post (Crime thefts and suspicious activity in Fair Oak) which tracked them all, but it seems to have quietened down more recently!

Maybe whoever was doing it has moved back to central Eastleigh…!

Yes sadly the break ins are affecting the area massively and making it a bad place used to never have to lock my bike up back in my days.