Bike stolen in Eastleigh? Report it here!

Has your bike been stolen?

A bike is stolen every three days in Eastleigh. As a community we can come together and inform each other of the details that may help getting it back:

  • When it happened (i.e. 1am Saturday 16th January)
  • What it looks like (pictures)
  • Where was it stolen from (i.e. Passfield Avenue, Eastleigh)
  • Has it appeared on Ebay, Gumtree, Facebook Marketplace, other location?
  • Have the police been informed?

Let’s use the power of our community to make these bikes too hot to handle and provide police with information so that they can investigate.

Hello my partners bike was stolen last Friday the 12th of February at around 2.30pm, it’s a black and blue carrera which has Broadman lock on grips, Wake stem, Black carera handle bars, Black flat peddles, Giant saddle, Blue Grenade dust caps and Off road tyres. It was stolen from our bike shed in Tommy green walk, the police have been informed and have recovered one bike which isn’t ours. Kind regards Jasmine ! image|666x500


Great description! Let’s encourage more people to add info and then build a view so they cannot be sold on!

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