2021 Eastleigh Lib Dem Leaflet 9 "Candidate Mailshot"

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Version 1 - Anne Winstanley and Mike Thornton

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A record of ACTION and a promise of MORE!
The best choice for our area!

The Lib dem’s have a record of ACTION for our town over decades.

Anne Winstanley and the Lib Dem Borough Council team have -

  • ACHIEVED a commitment from the Borough Council to resist any development in the local gaps secured in the Local Plan, with a commitment to South Hampshire greenbelt.
  • WON funds to tackle traffic congestion on the road into Eastleigh and are pressing Hampshire County Council to improve pavement repairs.
  • WORKING to re-open our library after it was closed by Hampshire Conservatives.
  • SECURED extra cash for investment in community facilities including play area upgrades.
  • GUARANTEED land for GP surgery extensions
  • KEPT IN TOUCH with focus for 40 years - ONLY the Lib Dems keep in touch all year round.

Our area needs Anne back on the Borough Council and working with Mike Thornton on the County Council - too good to lose!

Eastleigh Borough Council is run by the Lib Dems. They’ve kept their part of the Council tax down and protected services.

Hampshire County Council is run by the conservatives. They hike your council tax every year (ave £54 gain this year) and cut local services.

3 Things to remember about these elections

  1. Only the Liberal democrats can beat the tories across Eastleigh and Hampshire. Labour cannot win here.

  2. The Conservatives have axed vital services at Hampshire - but slash YOUR tax in the County bank - they don’t deserve to win!

  3. Only the Liberal Democrats stand up for Eastleigh all year, every year - Tanya and the Lib Dems have a record of action and get results for local people!

Page 2
New Hope for Hampshire
Hampshire needs hope, and new direction says Cllr Mike Thornton

The Liberal Democrats have the vision to put hope back into Hampshire.
The Conservatives have cost you more and delivered less, charging you more while slashing vital services. Social care is in crisis. Our roads and pavements are in decay. Climate Change is an afterthought. Conservative management embraces cuts, manages decline, and forgets about people.
As we start to recover from Covid-19 Hampshire deserves better. We need a County Council that will put people and communities first, fix problems and have the vision to address the climate emergency. We need a County Council that truly recognises young people as the future, and respects and values older people and those in need of help. And we need a County Council that backs skills and business to generate the wealth to support world class services.

Hampshire’s strength is its people. We need a County Council that trusts you more and instructs you less, where you can be part of making the decisions we need to get Hampshire back on its feet and with hope for the future.

It’s time for a change at Hampshire. It’s time for a Liberal Democrat-led Hampshire.

Surprise as Tory Housing Minister says "build on green fields"
Conservative housing boss Robert Jenrick shocked countryside campaigners with a renewed pledge to see more building even on the greenbelt as targets for new housebuilding look set to increase AGAIN.
We need to get the right homes in the right places and boost the number of social rented homes for local people - but that mustn’t mean urban sprawl that merges our towns and villages into Southampton.

Here in Eastleigh, your Lib Dem Council has met existing housing targets by boosting the number of social rented homes built. That’s over 1,000 in the last three years. Many Conservative Councils cave into pressure from big builders and don’t insist on social housing. And Labour in Southampton recently agreed 519 homes with NO social housing included.

Getting Housing Numbers Right in Our Borough
Government Target for EBC 2000-2020 = 10,161 homes.
Number built = 10,482 homes, across the full housing cycle.
Just what’s needed to protect our green spaces from greedy builders, stopping them winning planning appeals. Our Lib Dem Council is getting it right for our area.

Version 2 - Tanya Park

A cookie cut leaflet with one area modified to target the local area:

Experienced campaigner Tanya Park and the team have;

  • PROTECTED vital local services despite massive cuts from the Conservative County Council
  • IMPROVED local green spaces at Flemming Parkland, Grantham Green and Allbrook Meadow.
  • AGREED improvements at Flemming Park’s Paddling Pool and Wells place event space.
  • FUNDED major new sports at Stoneham Lane and Places Leisure
  • SAVED YOU MONEY keeping council tax down.
  • INVESTED in our Town Centre with regenerated market place, free evening parking and Wifi.
  • KEPT IN TOUCH with Focus for 35 years - ONLY the lib dems work for you every year.

Our area needs Tanya Park on the Borough and County Councils to stand up for us all on our Council’s - too good to do without!

Version 3 - Alex Bourne and Wayne Irish

This is an exact replica of the previous leaflet with the names and images flipped.

Alex Bourne and Wayne Irish make exactly the same claims as Tanya Park makes in her leaflet

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Crikey… I knew it was bad but this is just regurgitating nonsense.


How telling… quite frankly, I’m not surprised but I expected more.

Please can someone explain why on some Focus leaflets the email addresses for councillors are @eastleigh.gov.uk yet on others it’s @eastleighlibdems.org.uk?

Is that a typo - should they all be the eastleighlibdems.org.uk address?

It does seem a bit confusing and unfair to people without an Eastleigh.gov.uk address.

@Alexbourne @Gin_Tidridge @Sue do you guys know if this is right / allowed?

Are you allowed to use publicly owned email servers for party business?

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Nick Tustian or Richard Ward at EBC should be able to confirm as there should be a policy about use of Council IT.