2021 Conservative Leaflet 1 - "Eastleigh Post - Local Jobs At Risk"

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Local Jobs at Risk
Liberal Councillor Wayne Irish and his party this week voted to STOP the expansion plans of Eastleigh airport.

Conservative party candidate for the upcoming elections - and local resident - Shelagh Lee said, “The benefits of having an internationally-connected and thriving aviation sector in Eastleigh is now at serious risk. As we recover from the pandemic, we need to protect and support our jobs in tourism, supplies, engineering and related services. The Lib Dems are once again showing themselves to be out of touch with the local community.”

"Eastleigh Borough Council is already in massive financial debt due to speculative investment politics of the ruling Lib Dems. Now, they seem intent on driving up more debt, creating poverty for local people and failing to plan for the future.

“The airport is a major employer, and a vital part of our community and, as a small regional airport, has a strong and exciting role to play in the fast-growing sustainable aviation sector” added Shelagh.

It is time for a change. Time to vote for a local council that truly represents the wishes of the local community, puts economic prosperity and ahead of out-dated ideology and protects the long-term financial health of ALL local residents.

Please use your vote wisely on Thursday 6th May.

Note there’s a separate discussion on the airport extension over here: Southampton Airport Expansion - for or against?

That seems like a pretty dishonest leaflet. Whatever you think about the airport decision, it is not true to say that the Lib Dem party voted to stop the expansion plans: three Lib Dem councillors voted for it, two councillors who voted against are now independent, and the local Lib Dem leader publicly supports the application.

No mention of why the council has borrowed money to invest, or how that makes them intent on creating poverty.

Pretty laughable when the Conservative government has been pursuing an ideological and economically disastrous agreement with our largest trading partner.

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