Why only one-third?

With a high level of voter apathy in Eastleigh, why is only 1/3 of the Council up for grabs? Does it not contribute to the apathy?

Take Eastleigh Central. 3 Councillors, all Lib Dem (before the Airport Debate forced one of them out of the party). If (for example), Josh Constable wins from Wayne Irish, then people may think it’s now a Labour ward. But it isn’t, Josh just merely takes Wayne’s seat.

So, with that in mind, why bother voting?

(Note I fully intend to vote, this is just to hopefully aid people when faced with the same question from voting sceptics)

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The current system definitely benefits incumbents. But then I like the fact we have regular elections, good for people to be able to directly influence council make up more regularly. Think it’s just made weirder here because of the total lib dem control on the council. So control won’t be risked in any one year, pending mass resignations/defections of sitting councillors.


I’m in two minds about this system.

On the one hand it helps to keep local political matters alive / in the consciousness.

On the other hand it risks causing fatigue - something which probably contributes to the low turnouts.