Who are the candidates for May 2024 Election for seats on Eastleigh Borough Council?

We have attempted to reach out to all candidates ahead of the May 2024 elections and offer them an opportunity to upload 3 short videos (max 2 minutes total) responding to 3 questions. Here is the status of the candidate responses so far:

Bishopstoke closes April 20, 2024
Lib Dem: Anne Margaret Winstanley, declined
Conservative: Ben Burcombe-Filer, interested
Labour: Christian Brookes, no response
Independent: Gin Tidridge, interested

Botley closes April 20, 2024
Green: Anna-Belle Skinner, declined
Lib Dem: David Geoffrey lan Kinloch, no response
Conservative: Joy Haythorne, no response

Bursledon and Hound North closes April 20, 2024
Labour: Andrew Merewether-Helps, declined
Green: Katie Louise Court, no response
Conservative: Nick Arnold, no response
Lib Dem: Steve Holes, no response

Chandlers Ford closes April 18, 2024
Lib Dem: David Arthur Pragnell, declined
Green: Nathaniel Joseph Joyce, interested
Conservative: Shelagh Lee, accepted
Labour: Zak Southward, accepted

Eastleigh Central closes April 18, 2024
Reform: Alexander Conrad Culley, accepted
Green: Jack Stapleton, accepted
Labour and Cooperative: Josh Constable, accepted
Lib Dem: Wayne Irish, no response
Conservative: Yogesh Saxena, no response

Eastleigh North closes April 18, 2024
Conservative: Carl Hunter, no response
Green: Ryan Kenneth Gordon Elger, no response
Labour: Sarah Jutsum, no response
Lib Dem: Tanya Park, no response

Eastleigh South closes April 18, 2024
Lib Dem: Alex George Bourne, invited
Reform: Clare Lorraine Fawcett, accepted
Green: Natalie Roebuck, declined
Conservative: Roger Allen Vivian, no response
Labour: Steve Phillips, no response

Fair Oak and Horton Heath closes April 20, 2024
Labour: Alison Phillips, no response
Green: Ben David Parry, interested
Lib Dem: Rico Clay, no response
Conservative: Steve Broomfield, accepted

Hamble and Netley closes April 20, 2024
Labour: Geoff Kosted, no response
Lib Dem: Malcolm Robert Cross, no response
Green: Phil Horton, accepted
Independent: Simon James Hand, no response
Conservative: Steph Arnold, no response

Hedge End North closes April 20, 2024
Conservative: Chris Yates, no response
Lib Dem: Derek Roy Pretty, no response
Labour: Geoff Budd, accepted
Green: Glynn Fleming, accepted

Hedge End South closes April 18, 2024
Green: Geoff Skinner, accepted
Conservative: Jerry Hall, no response
Labour: Keith Day, accepted
Lib Dem: Keith House, no response

Hiltingbury closes April 15, 2024
Labour: Alastair Dilworth, no response
Conservative: Albie Slawson, accepted
Lib Dem: Karl Joseph Attrill, no response
Green: Rich House, accepted

If you know of an alternative means to contact candidates who haven’t yet responded - please do reach out to them and I’ll update this tracker when they make contact.

Oops i forgot to post the outcome of my previous update in this thread. 9/12 of the wards were completed, and the videos can all be found here:

(If you’re not sure which ward you’re in, enter your postcode and hit search)

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Eastleigh News have also published some candidate profiles now, which is great!

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Thats interesting how they have different people responding to what we have (very mixed bunch!).

Curious to which is the preferred format? Personally i prefer the video - but i could be biased on that one! :rofl:

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Part 2 of the Eastleigh News profiles links to some of the hustings videos, which is nice!

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