When will Eastleigh lockdown end?

Let’s play a little game!

We have no idea when lockdown will end, the government obviously have no idea! But when do you think the lockdown in Eastleigh will end? - let’s see who can guess the closest!

By lockdown I guess we’ll judge the rules as;

  • freedom of movement.
  • pubs bars and shops all open.
  • we’re allowed to see at least 6 friends.

I’ll go first! :slight_smile:

I guess 15th March!

February seems too soon, and it already feels to me like we’ve been locked down forever!

I heard a rumour 15th feb but surely that can’t be accurate, feels too early to end it considerations hospital rates. :frowning:

I think it will be the week before Easter. Schools will go back after the Easter holidays and gov will encourage people to spend money on tourism over the Easter period.


Good points! So you reckon it’ll be week ending 4th April? I fear you may be right, yet that seems sooo long away!

I can’t wait for summer to come back around again!

They were talking of lockdown ending early March… I reckon there will be a meeting and the tiers will be reintroduced again.

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I’m thinking July… that way anything before July is a bonus! :laughing:

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