Thundersnow boom! Early morning wake up for Eastleigh!

Well that was an exciting wake up to the morning! :slight_smile:. This morning i learnt what thundersnow is!

Video curtesy of Gary Broomfield.

Video curtesy of Sammy Mathers

Can anyone beat these? So far These are the best I’ve seen! :slight_smile:

Video Curtesy of Tina Blaxall


In case anyone is like I was and wondering what thunder snow is, the met office and Wikipedia have you covered;

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Testing out the polling feature, don’t mind me! Do you have a preference? :wink:

Which is your favourite video?
  • Video 1 - Gary Broomfield.
  • Video 2 - Sammy Mathers.
  • Video 3 - Unknown.
  • Video 4 - Tina Blaxall.
  • Video 5 - All great!

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