The last lockdown?

What do you think of the press briefing and news that “we’re now travelling on a one way road to freedom”?

For me it felt a bit like they’re fed up with lockdowns, press briefings and mind flipping too! :). I’m intrigued how they can be so confident with so much uncertainty still. That said, I’m sure it’s going to be an awesome summer! :slight_smile:

I do think the government messaging is in danger of over simplification again.

I’m absolutely buzzing for this to end and I really, really hope they get it right this time… but the idea that this ends when restrictions are lifted is short sighted and dangerous.

This virus and its variants will live amongst us forever. There’s no way back or reset and we should really take the chance to focus on the important things; the environment, good and meaningful work, our community and our families.

120k people have lost their lives and we should memorialise them with a commitment that we’re going to change and make our world a better one. :blush:

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