Postal votes for local elections

As far as I know the local elections planned for May are still going ahead. Who knows what tier Eastleigh will be in by then but if you’d like to plan ahead and apply for a postal vote, here are the details:

I’ve just checked and they confirmed that they can also send you a form if you don’t have a printer. Just email them and ask.

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Great point - one little email to with your address can save your effort later going out to the voting office.

I’ve been postal voting for about 10 years now since back before it became hip and trendy :wink: Sometimes i still take the walk to the polling station and soak up some atmosphere… when I’ve forgotten to post the voting form back!


I’ve always preferred voting in person for the atmosphere, which admittedly doesn’t make much sense! I’ll definitely be applying for a postal vote this time though.

It’s a pity they haven’t managed to get postal vote applications on line yet but they were very helpful when I emailed.

My favourite experience of a polling station was when someone took their dog in and it took a lump out of one of the tellers! I won’t mention the party but the dog was clearly a good judge of character.

I also remember being advised to ‘f**k off’ by a chap in the GE at a polling station in Hedge End. Always nice to know you have a fan!

Is this the kind of atmosphere you folks were referring to…? :joy:

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I’ve been going to the wrong polling stations! :joy:

Haha, urm, I’m going to go with no!

It’s nice to see all walks of life on the way there and chatting with people you’ve never spoken to before. Somehow people seem friendlier that day, no matter who they vote for. I like that! :slight_smile: