Pizza Rebellion

A hideous lump of food automation landed at 145 Passfield Avenue in January, right in front of Chandler’s Ford (sic) Chiropractic Clinic and, ironically, The Eastleigh Diet Clinic. This automated machine defrosts & cooks pizzas, dressing up the ultra-high processed food as ‘convenience’, as if already having Pizza Hut/Dominos in town able to cook and delivered a pizza to your door wasn’t already a convenience enough! (but lazy does as lazy is)

Because I live close to this thing, naturally take offence at it - although the real issue is the siting of it. The maintenance vans that come 3-4 times a week, all park on double yellows and sit for roughly 10 minutes, as they restock and whatever. There are other issues but I can’t be bothered to cite them all but luckily it seems it will is a temporary idea, to gauge interest, etc. Well, it got my interest as I asked the Council if it needed a food licence and if concerns of litter, attraction of rodents, parking, etc had been addressed before a 20ft container was permitted to be dumped in front of a shop?

I don’t think the location is right, would be better off putting it in North Stoneham Park or by the railway station or on the flattened land on Derby Road that was the gym/diary or…you get my drift.

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I have raised a case with Council officers as they need and did not seek planning permission. I think it’s in completely the wrong place.

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Thank you Mr Bourne. I feels very much out of character and my initial suspicion was they would probably need planning permission but I had not seen any noticed posted anywhere nor had it turned up in the automatic planning permission email I regularly get sent.

Now, if I could just get something done about the petrol station being a prime location for noisy and speeding motorbikes/cars…alas, I think that unlikely.

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Two weeks plus and still haven’t heard any progress, meanwhile people park on the pavement and the company’s vans just park on double yellows despite there being a parking space right in front of it!

Container was removed today 27 March 2023.
Have received no follow up from Council, etc