Photo your local notice board!

Many of us pass our local notice boards on foot, but some digital folks who don’t get about locally on foot much might miss them and miss what’s going on :slight_smile: - Photo your local notice board and upload it here for others to see!

Here’s Fair Oak Village Hall 15/09/2019

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Is this a good or bad idea? :slight_smile:

Maybe segments of the board so people can see clearly what they say. But yes, it’s helpful to know whats going on in the local area’s.

I found it tricky to read on mobile so had to pinch and zoom. I find this ok for me, maybe not for others. Would be tricky if you had to do it on 50 notice board posts!

Maybe a better approach would be a little business card style thing to put on all notice boards asking people to post local information here too, to make it all available centrally! :).