Photo opportunities!

We seem to be well in to local election photo op season again already and I’ve had a random idea. What if, instead of the usual band of politicians holding leaflets with vague reports of what great things they’re hearing on doorsteps, constituents did our own photo ops next to places with issues which we would like to hear candidates views on? Anyone interested, or is it a completely daft idea?! :slight_smile:

Hah its a great idea, I like it - but would people actually do it? Unfortunately i think most people won’t engage with politics, so no chance of them taking a photo to join in and do something. :slight_smile:

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Sadly you’re probably right. Could have been fun though :slight_smile:

Tempted to go out and photograph myself with a grumpy face pointing to the pot holes! (in the best tradition of local newspaper style of photo-journalism)


Classic! Don’t forget to take an election leaflet for scale :grin:

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