Parking Permits - Coming to Kipling Road

What - currently, Kipling Road residents (and residents of adjoining roads) are able to park on the roads without permits. EBC want to change that, and are starting their survey/consultations to do just that


What can you do? -
Fill out the survey attached or linked below,

Survey.pdf (296.2 KB)

What else can you do?
Discuss opinions below, as a community

(FAO @Josh_Constable , @LisaCrosher , @TParkEastleighN , @ACulley as representatives of Central (EBC) / North (HCC))

It’ll be interesting to see what residents think. In my own experience, residents are not happy to have to pay for a parking permit but there are lots of off-road-parking-front-gardens so maybe residents will welcome it in this specific area.

Either way, I highlighted EBC is planning on expanding the stealth tax of parking permits and was called a liar. Looks like the information I had was right (again). I’ll wait for the apology from our Lib Dem friends.

I wrote an article on stealth taxes on Eastleigh residents.

More on promises by Lib Dems on free parking permits.

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@Sam4eastleigh , @afdy (and maybe others who may know e.g @Alexbourne )

Can anyone please confirm if permits are a EBC or HCC initiative? Seeing comments from more than 1 person linking it back to HCC, but the miPermit site and any searches to do with permits are an EBC thing.

Just want to clear up the confusion! :slight_smile:

EBC administers the Parking Permit scheme on behalf of HCC, all moneys collected by EBC (apart from the cost to administer the scheme I imagine) are passed onto HCC.

Parking Permits are not a money making scheme or stealth tax to benefit EBC.

From the wording of this letter I would say that following complaints/concerns raised by residents regarding non-residents parking on Kipling Road and even a or some specific requests have been received by EBC for parking permits to be introduced.

As a result of which councillors have asked EBC officers to run a consultation with all residents as part of the process of investigating whether such a scheme should be introduced to these roads.

It’s not a case of councillors or EBC ‘wanting’ to introduce parking permits but of EBC and councillors following the correct process to resolve concerns raised by residents.

That’s a strange apology :grin:

I’ve removed that comment on the suggestion of admins.

However do note that in my response to the question I was polite & even handed in my reply. I insulted no one, nor inflamed the discourse.

Thank you for the clarity @TParkEastleighN . My questions to you (and other Cllrs) is then - have EBC Cllrs ever aided in resisting or reducing permit changes, or is it just a case of agreeing with HCC?

Furthermore, if we want to complain about existing schemes, or stop new ones (like this one), who would those complaints need to be addressed to? EBC or HCC?

It just seems a bit confusing (in my opinion) that all searches for “Eastleigh parking permits” bring up an EBC reference, and further adds to the confusion of “whose job is it anyway” between the 2 Councils

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This is before my time but from what I understand EBC and EBC councillors fought very hard against charges for parking permits but were ultimately unsuccessful in this regard. The only way this would have been achieved would be if EBC were to reimburse HCC for the loss of parking permit income…which would have resulted in every single council tax payer in the borough subsidising those who need parking permits. Very unfair to those who can’t even afford to run a car or to those who have driveways or otherwise don’t park on the road.

With regards to this particular scheme, then the best option is to respond to the consultation letting them know that you don’t want it and to encourage your neighbours to do the same.

You should remember that these schemes will only be put in where either residents are in favour of them or where it’s felt there is a problem with parking which can be resolved through such a scheme.

The purpose of the consultation is to determine if either of the above are applicable.

Do bear in mind EBC & EBC councillors always try to do what is best for residents, they care about the community and will make decisions for that reason alone. This shouldn’t be thought of as a ‘us vs them’ situation…it’s about finding the best solution to a problem.

Maybe so, but my guess would be that most online searches are made by people who want to know how to apply for or change their parking permits and as EBC does the administration it’s less confusing for web searches to point them towards EBC.

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Two questions if I may:

  1. did Hampshire County Council directly mandate that EBC had to implement parking permits?
  2. did/does Hampshire County Council mandate where parking permits should be implemented?

There are two parts of the borough covered in parking permits. One is Eastleigh, another is Hamble. Spreading the cost over the borough would be the fair thing to do. Charging people who can’t afford a larger house with a driveway is the unfair thing to do. That’s a separate point but wanted to add it.


Sorry but highly confused reading cllr Park’s comments. @TParkEastleighN are you saying your administration has no control over this? The reason I ask is because there is a well documente agreement that the Liberal Democrat administration agreed with HCC to source the funds locally believe this agreement was 2004 (if I have my dates wrong please tell me and I’ll edit my comment to the correct date.

This has been opposed locally and well documented by Labour over the past decade. For an independent source that corroborates this however please see this Eastleigh News Article.

Cllr Irish himself is on the record stating: “There will be NO charges for the first permit. Not now. Not in the future. No chance.” You broke a promise to the electorate at least be honest enough to explain why your doing this: Because your financial strategy is a time bomb waiting to go off and you’re trying to cut costs to ensure timely debt repayments.

@DazzaRPD if you know contact details of these residents, and they would like to get in contact with me please let me know, would be more than happy to support them in future actions against this move.


I too am confused, Josh. It’s public knowledge that the Lib Dems agreed a deal to parking permits with Hampshire County Council. In fact, Paul Bicknell (Lib Dem Deputy Leader of Eastleigh Borough Council) confirmed this on Twitter during this years local elections.

As you rightly say, Eastleigh Labour has continued to oppose paid parking permits and we would renegotiate this agreement with HCC as we highlighted during the local elections. Only Eastleigh Labour will stop stealth tax

We moved to EBC in 1982 and when parking permits were introduced we were assured that we would never have to pay for a permit. Now we are paying not only for a first permit but a second permit that still does not guarantee a parking space outside our house.
On another note if HCC are responsible for parking arrangements etc., why do they not use the money accrued to upgrade the highways where residents pay to park?