North Stoneham Park Development


Has anyone had any issues when renting new build homes from Vivid on the new Stoneham Park estate?
When talking with other residents it has become apparent that there is a lot of confusion over the tenancy agreements for Assured Non Shorthold market rentals.
The majority, like myself, believed Vivid to be the landlord but found out at a later date that the landlord is in fact Stoneham Park Developments LLP.


Interesting. I don’t have the answers sadly but Stoneham Parks Developments is the company set up by the council to build the houses.

I live in the Pirelli estate and my neighbours pay their rent to and are managed by Vivid.

Based on my working knowledge of the situation, I would wager Vivid is the answer! It should also be on any contracts you’ve signed.

From what I have discovered so far is that most people that have signed up for assured market rentals thinking that Vivid were the landlords and being offered the right to buy etc have found that on their actual contracts it states SPD llp which is Private sector renting without the right to buy and I guess should really of only been offered on assured shorthold tenancies.

Concerning giving the implications.

Have you considered raising a freedom of information request to Eastleigh borough council? My expectation would be that they would be able to clarify this.

I’ll take a look online to see if I can find anything out (there may be some contractual details published) although transparency isn’t really the strong point of our local council.

What have you check out so far?

It seems the market rentals are definitely properties that the council want to keep to build up a portfolio for their housing company, Aspect building communities, which is made up of both Eastleigh and Fareham Councils and Vivid and Radian Housing associations. Apparently created solely to develop affordable housing so not sure how they managed to build some full price market rentals. The properties are supposed to private and have no right to buy and should be on fixed term let’s and once term is up can be reviewed and switched to a monthly periodic rental. But Vivid have been letting them as assured tenancies with right to buy ( should only be used for housing association properties and not private sector renting). So it looks like Vivid are making huge mistakes in their joint venture with the council. I think I’ve read every publication from planning permission to accounts and auditing over the last 5 months as I have an unresolved complaint with Vivid as I only moved into this property as I was told Vivid would be my landlord still and that i would have the same assured tenancy that i had on my council house of 10 years from which i had to move from when my health declined as couldn’t accommodate 2 wheelchair users