Monk's Brook Pollution

What - Monk’s Brook is a river that runs from nearby Bucket’s Corner, North Baddesley, through Eastleigh, to Swaythling, where it joins the Itchen. Unfortunately, pollution (oil/fuel) has been frequently found to be flowing in it, causing a smell. This makes it unsafe for pets and wildlife

Response to it - Eastleigh Labour (@Sam4eastleigh ) committed to cleaning it if they won the election.

Who can help - The Environment Agency (probably via @PaulHolmes88 ), or possibly Southern Water?

Most recent incident - 28 April 2021. Previous incidents were in 2007 and 2019 (if anyone knows of more, please say so)

Updates to be put on the main post, or in comments below:

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There is no appetite from EBC to do anything on this. As a party we’re putting together a water proposal for the river.

Some points to note…

EBC will argue:

  • It’s not their job
  • It’s from upstream and not within Eastleigh
  • The Environment Agency are monitoring the situation

The above may be true but there comes a point where action needs to be taken. The options are:

  • Fund independent testing by a professional body
  • Lobby both Southern Water and the EA to take action

Neither of the above are difficult - it all comes down to EBC’s priorities.

Could we perhaps take the party element out of it somehow, and just do a community proposal?

Just dont want any prejudices to be in play when/if a level of Government responds

Go for it!

If that’s something the community wants to lead then I’m sure they will get some traction.