If you have a few £billions to spare then you can destroy the planet!

Watching a repeat of “Monaco” the playground of the rich. Property is the name of the game, £millions plus millions for a squat, another few added notes will get you a a rabbit hutch. But the big boys want to play it big, lets destroy the sea bed, a figure of £billions might do the trick. Firstly attack the sea itself after all its only water or natures life support for living creatures. Construct a barrier of gigantic proportions perhaps twenty concrete pods fill then with mega tons of sub soil pinched from a poor rural peasant and deposit of the said void. After a few more months low and behold a rich property portfolio appears in which pent houses, apartments from £90 million plus swell the profits of these parasites living off the global resource’s of th many for the few. Deposit a fag paper on the kerbside, your fined. If a local council decides to take a precious arterial road from the motoring fraternity and all hell breaks out. BUT DESTROY THE PLANET WITH £BILLIONS and you are a friend of the ruling class and get away with it in name of progress.