FitBish in the Community

Business: FitBish
Website: [@_fitbish
**Phone number:

:rocket: Launching FitBish - a New Community Fitness Session! Join us and let’s embrace wellness together! :deciduous_tree::athletic_shoe:

:fire: Fun workouts that are tailored to suit ALL abilities. From beginners to seasoned athletes, there’s exercise for everyone!

:handshake: The power of community - Join our friendly and inclusive group, where you’ll find support, encouragement, and new friends who share your fitness goals.

:date: Friday Mornings during Term Time
:alarm_clock: 9.15am
:round_pushpin: Otter Close Park
:hourglass_flowing_sand: 45 minutes of fun and fitness
:baby: Pre-schoolers/buggies welcome!
:moneybag: £6/class or 6 for £30

First Session FREE! Come and give it a go!!

What a great start to the weekend - Let’s make Fridays active and with a class that’s accessible for all! :running_woman::paw_prints: #letsgetmoving #CommunityFitness

For more information PM me or check out Instagram @_fitbish