Fantasy exit poll

Just for fun I did a very scientific calculation in lieu of an actual exit poll, based on leaflet link clicks and biscuit choices, resulting in the following fairly implausible results!

1st Jack Stapleton, Green Party
2nd Simon Payne, Conservative and Unionist Party
3rd Clare Fawcett, Reform UK
4th Josh Constable, Labour and Co-operative Party
5th Bhavin Dedhia, Liberal Democrats

(I wouldn’t be surprised if the actual results were the reverse of that!)

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haha “very scientific!” - love it! I did notice the green leaflet did very well here with the most views.

Biscuit choices… woah, thats a lot of analysis of … biscuits! But how would that represent a scoring?

I compared the candidates’ biscuit choice with the UK politician’s top-ten favourite biscuits and scored them using a very scientific secret formula!

The reverse order results weren’t far off either!

haha, is that a bit like the coca-cola top secret formula?

Perhaps your formula needs tweaking to be reverse order for next time! :wink:

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Just shows how broken our politics is, if my superior biscuit choice produces such a low score! :wink:

Absolutely! If it was up to me, you’d have won on biscuit choice alone!