Eastleigh Hustings Videos for 2024

Hello! Election Season is upon us and I’ve been asked by a fair few people if I’m doing hustings videos again this year. I’ve thought about this for a while and I think it would be sad to lose the momentum we’ve built over the past couple of years:

  • 2,000 unique website visitors in the week leading up to last years election.

  • ~100 registered interested people keen to receive a notification of future videos.

  • most enquiries last year were complaints that their area was not covered and no info available on candidates.

So with that, I’d be interested in helping run them if others are game to take part! 🙂

I propose a few small changes this year to make it easier to admin, easier for candidates to take part, and make it more open to other wards:

  • drop question count from 5 to 3 simpler generic questions.

  • aim to get most videos done and published on youtube and website by the 20th of April.

  • invite all wards to take part.

I’d be really interested in your feedback on this! Please leave a comment or message me. 🙂

Website hosting them in case anyone forgot is:


Invites sent to all Eastleigh Central, Eastleigh North, Eastleigh South candidates, candidates have until the 18th of April to upload their responses to the 3 video questions:

All 12 wards have now been invited!

Now we’re just waiting on responses (Closing date is the 18th April for many).

The following website contains the latest responses from candidates. If you see your preferred choices are not yet participating, why not reach out to them and ask if they could spare the time to record 2 minutes of video.