Eastleigh Conservatives video - Lisa and Paul speak about the North

Not sure if this will work as intended (i.e. be an iframe - I doubt it will), but the link below should hopefully load a video from the Eastleigh Conservatives:


Was surprised by it actually posting the video - maybe @Sam4eastleigh should do the same with his? I’ll try find it and post here

Putting it here for a more “relevant” conversation. On Facebook (Eastleigh Neighbours), everyone’s bashing Boris and not really speaking about the issues raised by @LisaCrosher and @PaulHolmes88 in the video

Thank you for posting here Darren, I felt compelled to make the video after attending the ELAC meeting where the planning decision was deferred until it can be established if a park can be fitted on the site. At 53 dwellings there should be one but as that would take up some space for houses and potentially make the site unfeasible . Instead improving a park which is already in good condition over two extremely busy roads was the propsed suitable offset. Reading through the comments that so many people took the time to write, putting into words their concerns and objections I was horrified how quickly these were dismissed. The phrase that was repeated over and over again was that as the planning inspector hadn’t particularly objected to this part of the local plan it carried significant enough weighting to be approved. I also had to listen to the deputy leader of the council explain that building isolated communities far away from shops and local amenities had had a precedent set by building the dragonfly way development in Pitmore Road. Something the infrastructure has not coped with. I want to help these voices be heard and I am hopeful that before it comes back to ELAC that more voices are added, hence the push for awareness.

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