Eastleigh Borough Air Quality Survey

Eastleigh Borough Council is running an air quality consultation!


Most of the questions within seem like “good ideas” and shouldn’t be optional in my opinion, but there does seem to be good questions at the end, including pedestrianisation of Market Street, Chickenhall Link road (of course!), and Bishopstoke Road improvements.

The consultation survey can be found here:

and the draft action plan is here:

Personally I think it should go a little further considering the massive developments in the borough:

  • Ensure developers offset their carbon emissions by investing in green technology, or tree planting, etc.
  • Stop installing 2 solar panels on new developments, and fill the roof! It seems so inefficient to build a house, and install a solar panel system to just add a couple of panels to tick an “energy efficiency” box. This actually disincentivises the future occupant from upgrading the solar panels as it becomes more difficult and less cost effective.
  • Fines for engine idling.

Anyone else got any bright ideas? :slight_smile: