Councillor leaves Lib Dems after Southampton Airport decison

Well done Tina, I say! Curous what you guys think of this one?


That looks like an issue with Keith. Clear as day.

The story looks to be following from the Eastleigh Local Area committee meeting discussing the airport, where Paul Bicknell gets upset and accuses individuals of not listening or not reading the report.

Tina asks him to temper his approach. (See video link above)

This was then broadcast on a BBC Radio Four’s today show. Following that someone in Lib Dem towers got upset (Keith House, or Paul Bicknell?).

The tweets on this which tell some of the story:

I dislike Keith suggesting Tina was filtering voices, I think she was encouraging respect and positive open dialogue and she did brilliantly at it.


Reminds me of when football manages criticise their players in press interviews. Never goes down well in the dressing room!


That seems a particularly unpleasant tweet from Bicknell. Is washing your dirty linen in public a new Lib Dem tactic? I did watch Tina Campbell’s impassioned speech for the residents of Campbell Road, and Southampton Road, she seemed genuinely concerned about noise levels. And subsequently voted against the runway extension. Which implies a level of integrity. I thought she conducted herself admirably given the length and complexity of the meeting.


I agree Jude. I think proper democracy means that one should be applauded for putting their case with vigour, even if the listener does not personally agree with it. Unfortunately, this concept seems to have taken a battering in the new social media world.


Well done Tina!
Very disappointed in the tweets that followed from others. Very unprofessional in my eyes.