Areas of Upper Barn Copse & Crowdhill Copse in Fair Oak closed due to Ash Dieback

I had no real idea what Ash Dieback was until i saw these clear signs. Areas of the wood in Fair Oak have been closed to allow Ash to die naturally and keep people safe!

In other areas Ash trees will be felled! Ash trees cover 25% of the woods! :astonished:

Sign reads:

Ash Dieback Compartment Closure
Following our management plan consultation period (1 October - 31 October 2020) we are permanently closing an area of Upper Barn Copse due to ash Dieback.

Ash dieback is a serious fungal disease that is killing ash trees across Europe. Young trees can die quickly once infected. Older trees can be slowly killed by a yearly cycle of infection.

The closure of paths prevents entry to the area worst affected by the disease. This will keep visitors safe and allow the habitat to change naturally without felling lots of ash trees which would be detrimental to the copse and its wildlife.

Paths will be blocked and signage will be in place to prevent access.

We are keeping footpaths through the remaining 26 hectares of Upper Barn & Crowdhill Copse openly accessible as we are able to fell smaller groups of ash trees in those areas without detriment to the copse. Public rights of way are not affected.

We thank you for your support and understanding and apologise for any inconvenience caused.

A great detailed plan from the Woodland Trust for Upper Barn Copse, and Crowdhill Copse can be found here:

I hadn’t realised how bad this was.

Goodness me. I know the disease has had a large impact across the U.K. but hadn’t realised the encroachment on the local areas was so severe.

Do you know who the response is being coordinated by @afdy?

I don’t think there is a local Eastleigh response to Ash Dieback - this is what Hampshire Country Council had to say:

And since this land is owned by the woodland trust I think they’re looking after the woods owned by them only… I wonder if anyone is looking at the spread and looking to slow it, or if that’s even possible?

Another one bites the dust!