2021 Eastleigh Labour Leaflet 3 "Josh Constable"

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There is an epidemic of waste in our local government:

Following investigation by our local team, we have found millions of pounds are being poured out of our councils to be spent on Consultancy fees. Since 2014 Eastleigh Borough Council alone has spent over £16 million on consultancy fees. That averages out to over £2 million a year!

The Chef Executive of Eastleigh Borough Council has himself said he’s concerned about how exposed our council’s finances are. The Liberal Democrat administration has borrowed millions gambling on the property market.

I want to see that money spent locally, to invest and grow our local economy. Outsourcing is costing Eastleigh millions. Labour are the only party promising to end this!

Liberal Democrats and Conservatives are both pushing a broken system of outsourcing, privatisation and austerity. Both locally and nationally only Labour can be trusted to turn this around.

On 6th May at the local elections residents can send a message. Enough is enough. Eastleigh’s money should be spent in Eastleigh.

Our Plan For Eastleigh
Labour is the only party who have written a comprehensive manifesto; setting out our vision for Eastleigh.

We believe this document, which is viewable on our party website, is the most radical in Eastleigh’s history. We won’t sugar coat it, our recovery from COVID will be hard. But using innovation and by harnessing our communities collective strength we know we can do it!

The central part of our economic plan is a new approach called Community Wealth Building. That means keeping our money local and investing in the local term future of our area.

We will use this plan to revive our highstreets, and bring in community owned shops. Let’s work together to make Eastleigh better.

Listening To You
For the past 4 years I have been campaigning in Eastleigh, I’ve spoken to hundreds of residents over that time. One thing that i always hear is how little local people feel listened to by their representatives.

It’s very easy to put claims in a leaflet but our councillors have forgotten who they’re elected to represent, it’s not big developers and it’s not their Party bosses. It’s you and me; the people of Eastleigh.

Paid Parking Permits
Both the Conservatives at Hampshire County Council and the Liberal Democrats at Eastleigh Borough Council want every household to pay for parking their car in a residents parking zone (previously first permits were free). Even after the Liberal Democrats promised to stop this!

I am opposed to this, not everyone has the luxury of a driveway and not everyone has the option of public transport. As long as government, local and national, fails to offer descent public transport, owning a car is an essential for most working people.

We need more public transport alternatives, but until those are available; paid parking permits are not fair on the people of Eastleigh.

Josh Constable is standing up for Eastleigh
Your candidate for Borough and County Council

Josh Constable lives in Eastleigh Town Centre. He is an NHS worker and is currently working in the NHS COVID response. He has been a campaigner i n Eastleigh for the past 4 years.

Josh is a founding member of Eastleigh Community Aid and has volunteered in our community, working with the local response centre to support Eastleigh’s community during the COVID crisis.

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