2021 April Hampshire Independents Sukhdev Raj for Eastleigh Central

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HAMPSHIRE Independents

Sukhdev Raj says “Hampshire independents is not aligned with any national party. This gives me the flexibility to do what is right for Eastleigh Central rather than what is right for my party”.

Police & Crime Commissioner Candidate
Steve James-Bailey is the right person for the role of Police and Crime Commissioner. Former custody sergeant and community beat officer for Hampshire Constabulary, Steve has first hand experience, both at street level and as a desk officer. With 23 years of practical experience, there is no one better. Steve says “Policing can only work with the consent and cooperation of the community. Current policing practices exclude the people who matter: You, the public”.

His local policing plan aims to:

  1. Reintroduce community constables.
  2. Actively confront rural crime.
  3. Tackle inner town anti social behaviour with proactive policing.
  4. Improve 101 and face to face reporting of crime.
  5. Develop “pop-up” police stations in empty shops.

Raj says

  • We need to bring back Markets and car boot sales to encourage consumers to return to the town centre including free parking at off-peak times and introduce incentives for new business.
  • Its outrageous and unfair you have to pay for parking in front of your own home while elsewhere in the borough is free. This stealth tax needs to be abolished.
  • One of my ideas for Grantham Green would be to return it to a green and incorporate fencing/lighting to make it a safe environment to everyone to use.

Hampshire Independents

  1. Support infrastructure before house building.
  2. Bring manufacturing back to Hampshire.
  3. Local government to buy services locally.
  4. Encourage community child care schemes.
  5. Council-controlled social housing.
  6. Return Councillors allowances to the community.
  7. Support community transport schemes.
  8. More visible patrols of Police and PCSO’s.

NB: This leaflet is apparently on glossy paper, so not recyclable - fail!

I really struggle on most of these. How will we actively confront rural crime? proactive policing? Isn’t that what happens already? Improve 101 - how? It’s already pretty good except response times, isn’t it? They do have an o nline version.

Pop up police stations in empty shops is quite a neat idea though. :slight_smile:

Umm, isn’t it already green?


Wait, what? This sounds like a crazy gimick - in my mind councillors are already drastically underpaid for what they do. A below minimum-wage amount. Making councillors do it “for free” essentially means only older retired people (or well off) would likely be able to take it up, meaning even more inequality on the council than we already have.

The other ideas sound pretty good to me though!

Still more visible than Wayne Irish (LD) or Chris Yates (Conservative)

Gotta give him props for that. But yeah, many farfetched ideas here.