This candidate video was produced following a strict & fair process, details of which can be found at West End South Video Hustings.

West End South Candidate Video for May 5, 2022

Welcome to the West End South candidates video for the Borough Council Elections on May 5, 2022.

This video offers a unique opportunity to learn about the candidates and their perspectives through a fair and unbiased hustings process held on April 30, 2022.

Each candidate addresses critical questions, giving you insights into their plans and visions for our community. Their responses could be pivotal in helping you decide who deserves your vote. We encourage you to watch and consider who aligns best with your interests and the future of West End South.

Questions Asked

  • Hello! Who are you?
  • If money, resources and planning were no object what one thing would you build or create for the people of West End?
  • Given the housing situation nationally, what is your view (support/oppose) of the Ageas Bowl Housing Plans?
  • As there is a climate emergency, where should we build more houses? What mix of social/affordable/open market would you propose?
  • The HEWEB Local Area Committee has identified Telegraph Woods must be enhanced for ecological and recreational purposes. How would you suggest doing so?
  • If you don’t get elected, what’s the biggest thing residents will miss out on?
  • One last call - anything you’d like to say?
  • Why are you standing in this election?
  • If your constituents were overwhelmingly opposed to something the council or your party proposed, would you: A. Try to convince them it was a good idea. B. Support them. C. Something else, explain.
  • How long have you lived in West End, and what are your views on local councillors not living in the area they represent?

West End South Candidates Responses

We extended invitations to all candidates in West End South's Borough Council Election, seeking their participation to answer questions that matter to you. Here’s how they responded:

Previous Election Results in West End South

A graph showing total votes per party in the last Eastleigh Borough election result for West End South from is available so that you can more easily fact check leaflets, graphs and statements from candidates.

Last Ward Result

Closing Statements

No candidates have submitted a closing statement. If they do before election day, it will appear here.

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