Who is standing in local elections May 2022?

Eastleigh Borough Council Elections in May 2022

The local elections this year will be for 14 of the 39 seats in the Borough Council. Local elections are held when a councillors term of office ends.

These people are elected to represent your views on the council in the implementation and running of the services the council has responsibility for.

Here’s a short 2 minute video to illustrate what we’re voting for:

Eastleigh Borough Council Candidates


Bishopstoke Leaflets


Bursledon and Hound North

Chandlers Ford

Eastleigh Central

Eastleigh Central Hustings Video

Eastleigh Central Leaflets

Eastleigh North

Eastleigh South

Fair Oak and Horton Heath

Hamble and Netley

Hedge End North

Hedge End South


West End North

West End North Leaflets

West End South

Who’s terms are ending in May 2022?

The following EBC Councillors terms will end

Ward Councillor Party
Hamble and Netley David Airey Lib Dem
Hedge End South Margaret Allingham Lib Dem
West End South Janice Asman Lib Dem
Eastleigh South Paul Bicknell Lib Dem
Chandlers Ford Alan Broadhurst Lib Dem
Eastleigh Central Tina Campbell Independent
Eastleigh North Daniel Clarke Lib Dem
Bursledon and Hound North Tonia Craig Lib Dem
Hiltingbury Judith Grajewski Conservative
Hedge End North Lucy Jurd Lib Dem
Botley Rupert Kryle Lib Dem
Bishopstoke Louise Parker-Jones Independent
Fair Oak & Horton Heath Rob Rushton Lib Dem
West End North Bruce Tennent Lib Dem

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As Hampshire Independents are rumoured to be fielding candidates again I find it best to mention / remind people of this salient fact.

Hampshire Independents are not the same kind of independent - in that they are not independent at all. They are a political party (who came to existence due to arguments within UKIP forcing their leaders out)

I wish there was a proper way to get them renamed, but I doubt it.

Will add it to the Wiki once its confirmed that their members are running…

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I took a look at the people standing down (highlighted red), and who the parties/groups had put up as their replacement candidate for that seat.

I wonder what the reasons behind those no longer wishing to stand are? Feels like quite a large lib dem turnover this year.

Disclaimer: Feel free to fact-check me, I could have made errors. 🙂

Ward Current Seat Cllr Term Ending Replacement Previous Terms
Hamble and Netley Lib Dem David Airey Liz Jarvis Active newcomer
Hedge End South Lib Dem Margaret Allingham Jane Welsh 1991-2016
West End South Lib Dem Janice Asman re-election 2016-2022
Eastleigh South Lib Dem Paul Bicknell re-election 2011-2022
Chandlers Ford Lib Dem Alan Broadhurst re-election 1999-2022
Eastleigh Central Independent Tina Campbell re-election 2017-2022
Eastleigh North Lib Dem Daniel Clarke Stephen Beer Silent Newcomer
Bursledon and Hound North Lib Dem Tonia Craig re-election 2002-2022
Hiltingbury Conservative Judith Grajewski Margaret Atkinson 2014-2021
Hedge End North Lib Dem Lucy Jurd Leigh Hadaway Silent Newcomer
Botley Lib Dem Rupert Kryle re-election 2002-2022
Bishopstoke Independent Louise Parker-Jones re-election 2018-2022
Fair Oak & Horton Heath Lib Dem Rob Rushton Nicholas Couldrey 2016-2021
West End North Lib Dem Bruce Tennant re-election 2006-2022

This website looks so fake, so many stock images, what a waste of server space.

I expect they’ll be back for the Hampshire County Council elections next year, thankfully no misleading names this year.

There are also some parish elections- hopefully all listed here but yell if I missed any!

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