What's are your favourite eco-friendly ideas for people at home?

Share your ideas and suggestions of eco-saving environmentally friendly stuff people can do here, and we’ll keep updating this page to add them. Hopefully it will be of use for other people looking for tips and ideas.

Your idea can be anything that people at home can get involved in. From a small energy saving tip, a volunteer group to join, or recommending a business to use.

I’ll start :slight_smile: - feel free to add any suggestions!



  • Use boxes to carry your shopping home.
  • Use the Olio App, the zero-waste food app to see if any local businesses are giving away food.
  • Use charity shops
  • Freecycle to get rid your unwanted items, or look for free things.
  • Use local Facebay sites to let your old stuff be new to someone else.


  • Interested in re-usable cloth nappies, but confused? Reach out to NCT Nappy Library!


  • Turn your temperature down 1c.
  • Turn your fridge temperature up 1c. (Careful it doesn’t harm your food!)
  • Swap from liquid to hand soap bars.
  • Swap kitchen roll to washable cloths.
  • Swap washing up sponges to biodegradable ones (available from Lidl)
  • Water butt to collect rain water for garden watering.
  • Compost bin
  • Stop using disposable plastic straws
  • Silicone cupcake cases instead of single use ones.
  • Dry clothes on an airer instead of tumble drying.


  • Eat less meat and fish.


  • Plant trees and shrubs in your garden.


  • Don’t use disposable coffee cups!
  • return your empty medicine blister packs to the chemist. Superdrug specifically are recycling them.

Volunteer Groups


  • Vote for people who are keen to reduce carbon emissions and are concious about our impact on environment.

Anyone have other suggestions, questions, or disagree with anything above?

I swear i’ll think of more tomorrow… :rofl:

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