What about Eastleigh's youth?

I have lived in Eastleigh for many years now and after looking through these discussions, I really don’t see a real grown up, serious approached to tackling the biggest concern for Eastleigh and it’s near by areas, which is its youth.

I was not a very well behaved teenager in Eastleigh and I will honestly say I am not proud of things that I taken part in, I studied at the Bridge Education Center from years 7-11. And after getting my head straight I become lucky enough to become a resident in Eastleigh with my own property. And achieve highly in my studies.

But many of Eastleigh’s youth are mystified by this life of “crime” which is a very deeply rooted issue in the community, and I have witnessed its growth first hand. I would honestly say 80% of people under the age of 18 in Eastleigh have done things their parents wouldn’t believe. Just to portrait this “gangster” image and kids that don’t are now seen as the “uncool” outsider.

And yes it is linked with poverty of course, however on the other hand a huge rise since 2016 of under 18s with no serious family issues, financially or otherwise have also followed this life of so called “crime”.

And it continues and worsens daily, the worrying fact for me is the approach of running candidates to this issue. I will not pick sides here but honestly increasing police presence etc dose not solve the issue and instead intensifies it.

I want to hear real approaches to change that don’t involve the same old promises and agendas that are proven not to work.

If you honestly hope to do good for Eastleigh and think you deserve my vote, then show some initiative to begin tackling this issue.

Thank you.


This is an absolute priority for me.

I think it fundamentally comes down to the opportunities for kids round here and the fact they’re often blocked out of the communities they live in. We need to offer them opportunity and to offer kids a voice, if we know what there issues are we can solve them.

Thats why, if elected, I’m committed to regularly going into local schools to hear from the kids themselves and get them involved in our community, make them feel they have a voice. Our economic plan will create local jobs and community spaces in the long term, but sadly government needs to pick up the ball again, we can only do so much on the local level but I’m committed to doing everything I can.