We're up - we're off - what next?

Hey Folks,

aaaaand, we’re off! - this site seems to work well, it’s stable, and no major concerns.

This forum is in “bootstrap” mode, which means the first 50 users get to receive daily summaries of what they have missed since they last logged in. This I believe switches to weekly when we step over 50 users… its there to help kick start the forum so you don’t miss anything as checking daily may not be as engrained into your mind as it is facebook! :wink:

You won’t get the daily email if you have logged in and looked yourself. If you find the email annoying, feel free to switch it off in your profile but please don’t forget to come back! We’ll miss you! :slight_smile:

As the first 50, it’s up to us to start building the community- no pressure then! ;).

In theory this site could run without centralised moderation as users gain privileges enough to administer it by gaining trust. You gain trust by contributing, learning more, and behaving a certain way - this trust will eventually allow you to remove spam, mute users, split comments out to become new topics, etc!

So a few questions to you:

  • What would you like to see here?
  • What would you not like to see here?
  • how can we better it?

If you know anyone who has something to share about our local area, please do invite them (even if its to brag about their business offering!). One problem I’d personally like to look to solve is the “Lost and found” problem. So many good people report things they find, so many people lose things. These two aren’t well connected across Eastleigh right now, and facebook search isn’t so good, or the information could be locked away in a private group. We could help improve this as this forum is public.

Another thing on the back of my mind is - the “Eastleigh Forum” or “Discourse” doesn’t roll off the tongue. Do we need a name and better branding? :slight_smile:

Hope you had a good weekend all! :slight_smile: