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Liz Jarvis
Liz Jarvis and Eastleigh Lib Dems
Working all year round for you!
Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Candidate for Eastleigh
Dear Neighbour
Important: Changes to Voting from this May

The Conservative Government has passed a new law that means from this May anyone going to vote at a polling station will have to take photo ID with them to be allowed to vote. Evidence shows this will make it harder for many people to vote: we say that your vote matters!

On the back of this letter you will see the new rules.
But it will still be possible to vote from the comfort of your own home, without photo ID, if you sign up for a postal vote.

If you want to vote from home, all you need do is fill in the simple form we’ve enclosed and post it back to the Election Office at the Council.

Your local Lib Dem campaigners really want even more people to vote this year. This year’s elections are especially important. They could be the last vote before the General Election. They will decide who stands up for you, fighting the Conservative Cost of Living crisis and supporting our
under-pressure NHS. Your voice should be heard. The Lib Dems have a record of success, and a promise of more.

This year across the Borough we have released millions of pounds for new community project including new “council” homes to help local
people, planting 160,000 trees and tackling the Cost of Living crisis.

Our Eastleigh Lib Dem team has, over the last 20 years, cut the Borough Council’s share of Council Tax in real terms every year to save your pocket, and protected local services. What a contrast to Hampshire where Conservatives have hiked tax over £400 in the last five years, with massive cuts to services.
So your votes really will matter! Of course you can still vote in person at the polling station if you would prefer. If you need further forms, for other voters in your household, just ring the Council Election Office on 023 8068 8000.

Action Today!
1 Complete and return your postal vote form to vote easily from home
2 Check what you need to do if you still want to vote in person
3 Sign up to keep in touch with the local Lib Dems!

Yours sincerely,
Liz Jarvis

P.S. The form can also be scanned and emailed back to Don’t forget that if there are issues you want
taken up, please do get in touch. Unlike the other parties, the Lib Dems are here all year round!
Applications for postal votes have been flooding in to the Council.
Join your neighbours and make YOUR vote count this May!
Freepost RTLH-YXCX-BKXE, Eastleigh Liberal Democrats, 107 Leigh Road, Eastleigh, SO50 9DR

Printed by IVPS, c/o 107 Leigh Road, Eastleigh. Published and promoted by A Winstanley on behalf of the Liberal Democrats, c/o 107 Leigh Rd, Eastleigh.

• What “Photo ID” can you take to vote? For all elections in England from this May, if you want to vote in person at a polling station the Government requires you bring photo ID.
Accepted forms of ID include: .

  • Passport issued by the UK, any of the Channel Islands, Isle of Man, a British Overseas Territory, a European Economic Area state or Commonwealth Country.
  • Photographic driver’s licence issued by the UK, Channel Islands, Isle of Man, or a European Economic Area state (including provisional).
  • European Economic Area (EEA) photo ID card.
  • UK Biometric Residence Permit.
  • An identity card bearing the Proof of Age Standards Scheme hologram (PASS card).
  • A Blue Badge. Oyster 60+ Card. A concessionary travel pass funded by HM Government or local authority.

Only original documents are accepted; scanned images or copies will not be accepted, expired documents are accepted if the photo is still a current likeness.

No suitable photo ID?
If you do not have any of the accepted photo IDs, and ou want to vote at the polling station, you will need to apply for a free Voter Authority Certificate. There is information at for voters. Or just sign up for a postal vote and vote from home!

Conservative MPs have voted to make it harder for YOU to vote! This is supposedly to tackle fraud - yet only a handful of cases have been recorded nationally in decades. The reality is it is aimed to make it harder for less well-off and younger voters to vote. Read the list of acceptable forms of photo ID carefully. It does NOT include

  • Oyster Card for under 60s
  • University/College photo ID
  • Workplace photo ID
  • Trade Union photo ID
  • Post Office EasyID
  • All digital forms of ID
  • Any other documents such as utility bills, or bank statements Borough

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