Ukraine help

Slightly doomscrolling through the news and wondering if there’s anything we could do in Eastleigh collectively to help Ukraine. Not entirely sure what though: organise an open letter (who to?), suggesting legitimate organisations for donations, something else?

Any thoughts?

A small thing, but maybe something practical that could help.

We have a small flat out in Berlin. It is maybe 35sqm with bed, kitchen and shower. Would suit a mother with a young child.

On the off chance anyone knows someone like this who has had to flee, if they can get to Berlin they are welcome to use the flat until they can back on their feet. I would fly out to Berlin to meet them to orientate or my mate out there could do so.

There is some paperwork that would need to be sorted (it is Germany afterall!), and I would need to check a few things with our lawyers out there, but I should be able to work with them to take care of that. I would probably need to visit the lawyer with the people being put up.

PM me if you know someone. Might be better than hanging around somewhere random for weeks or months on end.



Based on our MP defending the Home Secretary’s misinformation today, this seems like a worthwhile open letter to sign…

If people want to do something/support those impacted by the Ukrainian crisis, there’s powerful ways to make a difference locally and nationally (and without the political point scoring).

The Southampton Polish Social Club is coordinating a collection for the Ukrainian people :ukraine:

A range of items are needed to help:
Nappies - Wet wipes - Bandages - Plasters
Baby food (jars, sachets with long use by date)
Feminine sanitary products
Toiletries (toothpaste, tooth brushes, soap, shampoo etc)
Food (non perishable- jars, tins, pasta etc.)

If you would like to help, please take your donations to Polish Social Club, 507 Portswood Road, SO17 2TH.

This location will be open from Monday between 6-8pm.

A virtual collection is also taking place and you can learn more via the link below:

Alternatively, you can:

Donate to the Red Cross -

Support Ukrainian immigration advice service -

Donate crypto directly to the Ukrainian government -

Support Independent open source analysis to help identify war crimes and genocide -

If none of these stand out, you can contact;

  • Member of Parliament
  • Leader of the County Council
  • Leader of the Borough Council

All of the above can campaign for outcomes that benefit Ukrainians, at local authority level they have the opportunity to take action and make decisions that will directly support Ukrainians escaping the tyranny and entering the U.K. (and hopefully entering our safe, welcoming communities).


A few more things I’ve spotted recently…

…although money is probably more useful if you can afford to donate…

There’s also a petition which is getting close to the 100,000 to be considered for a debate in Parliament…

Looks like the council has a list as well now…