Twyford Road/M&S roundabout, Eastleigh

DO YOU FEEL … like many others, including myself, that this roundabout is over congested and very tricky to get onto from the 2 stores, please comment here. We already have a campaign with over 100 signatures in the last week asking for something to be done, such as improved road markings making it clearer for drivers.

The M&S exit is a nightmare, taking forever to get out of, leading to some drivers making a “mad dash” for it making it dangerous.
Three exits lead to the M3 and M27 including one which also leads to the airport and train station so it is heavily used
We have a petition on 38Degrees. Please sign it if you also feel strongly.

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Hey @hellie8491, welcome aboard, and thanks for sharing, I’ve added a link to your petition so people can click to it easily. :slight_smile: