Tree Felling - Eastleigh Borough Council

I raised an FOI to EBC regarding trees felled - it’s a record that should be kept and monitored by law since 2004.

EBC have cited that they don’t hold the records and have only just started.

This is breach of the 2004 Environmental Information Regulations act and is illegal.

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Off topic, sort of…wondered if anyone here would be interested in this?

Government funding to create woodland. :slightly_smiling_face: :evergreen_tree:


Looks interesting… that might make a good Eastleigh Manifesto policy :grin:

Ahead of you there…

I’m a big fan of Eastleigh Labour’s manifesto, and I wish the other parties in Eastleigh followed the trend, but I still think there’s a place for exploring ideas outside the confines of political parties. Slow progress though- this one has been on the to do list for quite a while.