Toynebee Road - 105 new homes

Sentry Self Storage site, Eastleigh Autoworks and the old JEWSON building materials depot to be flattened and new housing put into place by VIVID Homes.

Being aware of this, I have started an album where I will follow the construction:


Great idea to follow the construction @DaveK !

EBC Article above copied here for ease of reading (I’ve also learnt some words on EBC PR pages change over time).

Eastleigh Local Area Committee approved a resolution to grant full planning permission for a new development of 105 homes on a brownfield site in central Eastleigh at last night’s Eastleigh Local Area Committee.

The two-acre site, that is located off Toynbee Road, will also include associated parking, public open space and landscaping once the existing buildings on the site have been demolished. The scheme will be built around a focal point around of an extended area of the existing open space on Hawkins Way/Granary Lane.

The site currently consists of the former site of Jewson building suppliers and a self-storage area occupied by a large number of shipping containers alongside the Romsey to Eastleigh Railway.

The proposals will provide a mix of apartments and houses including a total of 58 one and two bedroom apartments and 47 two, three and four bedroom houses. There will be 35% affordable housing on the scheme that equates to 37 affordable homes in the form of social rented housing and shared ownership.

A Council spokesperson said, “I’m delighted that we have given the go ahead for new homes to bring this derelict brownfield site back into use. It is ideally located in an accessible and sustainable location close to local shops and facilities in Eastleigh town centre and it will provide housing that local people want including 37 affordable homes.“

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As posted at the time on my facebook page:

"Concerned, but unsurprised, to hear ELAC granted planning permission to VIVID to build 105 dwellings on Toynbee road. I’ve spoken to many residents in the area over the past couple of months all of whom are expressing similar concerns.

I fear this has been ill thought out. Considering the number of people who are experiencing issues with VIVID, it’s clear VIVID are struggling to support their existing residents. Instead of giving more renters to VIVID the council should be building proper council housing.

Only 37 of the 105 houses to be built on the site will be “affordable” or social housing. Which again raises the same question I’ve been asking of this council since 2017. Why does Eastleigh need so many unaffordable homes when we are experiencing an affordable housing crisis."


It would be nice if they remedied all the problems that are still outstanding on their previous sites .
I guess the council have set up another company under their aspect umbrella with Vivid, that way they can charge full rent as private market rentals and when they do Vivid will manage the properties and the tenants lose their right to complain directly to the landlord about Vivids management as the landlord is just a piece of paper and any complaints just get sent back to Vivid to deal with its ridiculous, I’ll keep any eye out for Toynbee Developments LLP they’re not very inventive with their company names

Any new NHS dentists in the Eastleigh area to go with the Tens of thousands of new people in the Eastleigh Borough area over the last Six years?