Town Council to spend £750,000 in next financial year

Lib Dem Hedge End Town Council has set another three quarter million pound budget according to the online minutes of the January full council and policy and resources committee.

This means a 3% council tax increase for Hedge End residents in addition to likely 5% for the county council.

Impressive budget… What they spending it on?

They spent 1.3m this year on infrastructure in hedge end - lot of investment going in.

I might ask for a copy of the budget - it’s not online

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Don’t understand local government’s lack of openness in Hampshire. It seems to be at every level! What harm can be caused by having an easy to understand, transparent and accessible budget on your government website!?!?

I looked at LAC for those numbers above.

Lack of openness in part is a result of having three layers of local government, so to get a full picture you have to go to three different websites, raise three separate freedom of interest requests etc.

And of course there are three layers of bureaucracy to pay for. In very rough terms if you live in Hedge End, 80% of your council tax goes to Hampshire, 10% to Eastleigh, and 10% to Hedge End.