The End of Eastleigh

So under the yet to be proposed boundary changes the government are discussing. Its possible Eastleigh Constituency could be broken up into multiple seats.

What does this mean for local politics? Well electoral calculus has done a knock up of what the boundaries could look like: I stress this is a mock up and not what has been proposed, the details still are not known! Example new seat Boundaries for 2023

Looks a lot like gerrymandering (moving constituency borders for political advantage). Creating multiple seats where anti-tory area’s are broken up and surrounded by strong tory areas to create more safe conservative seats.

What do people think about proposed boundary changes, do you support the move? What do you think the electoral calculus model would do to local politics?

We should know the first iterations in September but unlikely that Eastleigh will be broken up. As it’s over the number of electors required (around 84,000) then it’ll likely lose one ward to a surrounding seat that’s under the quotas

Also the Boundary commission is independent and it’ll be them redrawing to a strict criteria.

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