Stoke Park Farm in Bishopstoke is no more, goodbye cows!

I can’t quite put into words how sad I was when i first noticed that the cows had disappeared and things around Stoke Park farm were starting to look very quiet. I first searched google, then local facebook groups and the news was confirmed.

I’ll miss walking past these cows and it feels really quite empty without them… At least I got to know them well during the great lockdown walks!

It’s now been confirmed that Eastleigh Borough Council has purchased the land in order to protect it from development and preserve our waterways. This fills me with a sense of dread after spending years following the successful Action Against Destructive Development campaign in fighting off the ill thought through Eastleigh Borough Council Local Plan “Option B+C” which would turn most of it into houses & roads.

I have faith that the Bishopstoke Independents (@Gin_Tidridge @Lou) will help make sure the right thing happens and the land stays protected for future generations to enjoy!

Will miss you cows!!