Southampton Airport Expansion - for or against?

Definitely looks like civil war, @jtonline. Well, in so much that it started, Keith wants the airport and kicked Tina out.

Lib Dems making party political planning decisions - that’s not allowed, right?

Currently watching the Teams meeting. Many councillors are AGAINST it, and there’s a few heated comments about the age of the Council and individual Cllrs.

However the majority seem FOR it, for the moment. A handful of those saying “It’s Planning Law. Under Planning Law, we can’t stand in the way” but many are scared about the airport closing and the job losses.

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SOU Airport Runway Expansion Council Vote: 22 FOR, 13 AGAINST, 1 ABSTAIN

Motion is carried. Council SUPPORTS the Airport Runway Expansion

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Closer voting than I expected.

FOR (22)

  • Councillor David Airey
  • Councillor Margaret Allingham
  • Councillor Janice Asman
  • Councillor Margaret Atkinson
  • Councillor Paul Bicknell
  • Councillor Alex Bourne
  • Councillor Alan Broadhurst
  • Councillor Ian Corben
  • Councillor Tonia Craig
  • Councillor Malcolm Cross
  • Councillor James Duguid
  • Councillor Cynthia Garton
  • Councillor Judith Grajewski
  • Councillor Steve Holes
  • Councillor Keith House
  • Councillor Darshan Mann
  • Councillor Adam Manning
  • Councillor David Pragnell
  • Councillor Derek Pretty
  • Councillor Jane Rich
  • Councillor Bruce Tennent
  • Councillor Adrian Trace


  • Councillor Tim Bearder
  • Councillor Tina Campbell
  • Councillor Daniel Clarke
  • Councillor Nicholas Couldrey
  • Councillor Ray Dean
  • Councillor Jephthe Doguie
  • Councillor Richard Gomer
  • Councillor Wayne Irish
  • Councillor Lucy Jurd
  • Councillor Rupert Kyrle
  • Councillor Michelle Marsh
  • Councillor Louise Parker-Jones
  • Councillor Sara Tyson-Payne


  • Councillor Gin Tidridge


  • Councillor Rob Rushton
  • Councillor Tim Groves
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Thanks for providing this.

I submitted a written statement in support of the proposal that was read out approximately 2:12:15 here:

The University of Southampton is world renowned for its aeronautical engineering. What I would love to see is a partnership between the university, the airport, the freeport and the Solent Enterprise Zone to develop world class electric aircraft that would keep people moving, but at the same time help set an example to others re: emissions.

It could really put Eastleigh on the map again, a bit like Supermarine did all those years ago…

Alexander Culley
Reform UK candidate for Eastleigh North (Hampshire County Council) and Eastleigh Central (Eastleigh Borough Council)

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I didn’t know that about Southampton! Sounds a great idea, or dream - I can’t work out which!

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Excellent points. Did this form part of the evidence against extension? If so how was it received? If not, why not?