Should Eastleigh have a new Parish council? (Survey results, and online poll)

Eastleigh Borough Council recently announced survey results on creating a new tier of council for Central Eastleigh and Boyatt Wood. This inspired a conversation over in the Eastleigh Neighbours facebook group, after the news article from the echo was shared.

Some people claimed they never got the communications, and that this survey was an unfair decision and not democratic, so I thought I’d raise a freedom of information request and take a look at the data. I got the data pretty quick, so here’s the breakdown.

Total Responses (872)

  • A new single parish or town council for the whole unparished area = 441 (50.5%)
  • A new parish or town council just for my neighbourhood = 284 (32.5%)
  • No local council for our town = 142 (16.2%)
  • Not Answered = 5 (0.5%) Comments suggest these people are actually against.

Organisation responses (2)

  • Allbrook Parish Council voted “Yes for my neighbourhood only”
  • Eastleigh Labour Party voted “No” and provided a detailed response.

Business responses (10)

  • 4 “No”
  • 5 “Yes for whole unparished area”
  • 1 “Yes for my neighbourhood”

Respondent Locations: (64 responses likely not Eastleigh)

  • 4 not provided.
  • 8 unknown
  • 16 Bishopstoke
  • 2 Bursledon and Hound
  • 7 Chandlers Ford
  • 12 Fair Oak and Horton Heath
  • 1 Hamble and Netley
  • 4 Hedge End
  • 8 Hiltingbury
  • 2 West End
  • 326 Eastleigh Central
  • 267 Eastleigh North
  • 215 Eastleigh South

Completion Method

  • 729 Online
  • 140 Postal
  • 2 email


  • Population in 2019 of Eastleigh, Eastleigh North, Eastleigh South was 32,234, so the survey represents very roughly 3% of the population.
  • There were no known controls or protections in place, notably at least one person filled it in twice as the second entry contains “I’ve changed my mind”.

Eastleigh Labour Party Response

Eastleigh Labour Party supports the principle that local decision making should be as inclusive as possible, we also support devolution of powers to the communities that can best deploy them. We do not object to the principle of a Parish/Town Council for our area. We also understand and acknowledge the current movement from government towards large unitary authorities means a new Parish/Town council would keep some decisions in the hands of local people; a principle we totally support. Should the White Paper on Devolution mean the end of Eastleigh Borough Council, Eastleigh Labour Party does not want the future of Eastleigh being decided by Hampshire County Council or a larger authority alone.

What Eastleigh Labour Party does object to is the potential increased costs a new Parish/Town Council would force onto our residents. We note that the government?s plans are not concrete, nothing has been decided yet. Therefore, the move towards setting up a Parish/Town Council at this point in time seems more about providing Eastleigh Borough Council (EBC) with an opportunity to shift service provision off their books during a time of financial hardship for councils across the country. This is made especially pressing for EBC because of the current level of debt the council has accrued and the toxifying nature the loss of revenue over the past year must have had.

Our suspicion is this consultation is being raised now to facilitate the moving of financial burdens from the books of EBC, onto a new Parish or Town Council as a stealth cost saving exercise for the Borough Council. Consequently, we fear this is a politically motivated move by the Liberal Democrat leadership rather than something that would truly benefit the people of Eastleigh at the current time.

We do not believe cloaking financial decisions under the guise of more democracy is good practice, especially where an opportunity for increasing public involvement in decision making still exists at Eastleigh Local Area Committee and Council meetings. Instead of rushing to make a decision now, Eastleigh Labour Party urges EBC to park these plans until the government confirms the creation of any new unitary authorities. If, at that time, the decision is taken to dissolve Eastleigh Borough Council, Eastleigh Labour Party will fully support plans to create a Parish/Town Council for Eastleigh.

In the meantime, we urge, as we have done previously, for EBC to increase opportunities for public participation at local meetings to give the public a say on these decisions directly, to create a more open format for local area committee meetings and for councillors to do more to encourage public involvement in decision making.

Allbrook Parish Respsonse

I believe it would be beneficial for Boyatt Wood to be parished as one community. The Boyatt Wood Community already has a strong resident group and this would enable them to take an active role in their area with the support of LGA legislation.

Eastleigh Town Centre and the remaining outer areas will have different needs as it supports the main shopping needs for all Parish and Town Councils in the area. The mayoral role can continue through a Town Council.


That’s not for me to decide - I have no idea what I’m doing! :wink:

the original leaflet delivered to homes is here

Open poll for all members :slight_smile:

Do you think Eastleigh should introduce a Parish Council in the next year?
  • Yes
  • No

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If you’re interested in other peoples thoughts, here’s the data:

Feedback from the “NOT ANSWERED” residents

  • Further to your survey for the above I am against the proposal on the following grounds: Yet more local councillors, Yet more bureaucracy, Yet more cost to the local taxpayers. Eastleigh Central is well served by the existing council so I do not see that we need an extra layer of offiialdom!
  • have tried to use the link towncentrecgr but it does not work. I live on Boyatt Wood but was forced into the Allbrook parish despite my objections and despite my objections sent to the relevant meeting, the parish has been renamed Allbrook instead of Allbrook and North Boyatt. I would like to see Boyatt Wood a parish and include the addresses of those forced into Allbrook. Boyatt Wood has shops, church, schools, playgroup etc a stand alone parish while Allbrook has nothing a waste of money on expenses, training etc., a waste of council tax money.
  • I wanted to fill out the survey about council in the Eastleigh borough but got confused and as I don’t want to give the wrong response I would like to say I want Eastleigh to be run how it has been since I moved into the borough in 1988 to start my adult life (I was 19) with my husband and raise our family. I absolutely love it here and in my opinion it has been run perfectly. Please don’t join us with the surrounding cities. I don’t know if this counts but I needed to say it.
  • This is a pointless survey and clearly designed to satisy a ‘presentation tick list’. The decision has obviously been made and any appropriate comment and any appropriate comment from the community are therefore unecessary. Democracy at work!!!

Feedback from the “No local council” residents

  • No more politicians please let professional officers take decisions
  • Following on from my previous comments I also think the same goes for the citizen assemblies, they are a waste of public money so middle class idiots can have a talking shop. The country and the borough are financially broken., Hampshire county council informed the Govt this month they are 50 million in debt and have been given permission to increase council tax by 5%, and you idiots think it is fine to waste our money in this rubbish. Just where are the poor working of this borough going to find the extra 5% to pay for you idiots to have talking shops. Start to cut back on this rubbish. No bonuses for doing your jobs either.
  • The creation of another layer of officialdom will be bad. Even though the parish councillor will be volunteers and will be town councillor as has happen in other parts of Eastleigh it will still put and increase on my council tax. Any additional layer of government will add cost and there is insufficient community spirit in Eastleigh to make this work
  • Only what we have got at present.
  • Will mean higher council tax - not a good idea right now. If there is money available then it should be used in other areas that are needed ie roads, and not having to pay to park outside your own house, Eastleigh is a town that is dying shops are rubbish and its getting to a point that its better to go elsewhere to get things done.
  • I changed my mind. Everything is ok as it is do not change anything it perfect as it is so no changes as it will destroy the way eastleigh is. Sort the parking out in the middle of Eastleigh. 0.75 parking places/flat and no opportunity to get a parking permit anywhere! People need cars to get to/from work, especially in the pandemic!!! Private parking is £80 /week=£4160/year. If anyone could afford that they would rent a HOUSE faaaaaar away from the middle of Eastleigh. The airport is dead, the town centre couldn’t be more dead but we cannot park in the town we live and pay council tax for years. Absolutely selfish and disgusting!!!
  • If a council was very small, local and non-political just acting to help individual residents of an area it might serve some purpose. In fact it does nothing which a dictator could not do much more efficiently and quickly. It always aims to save money and make cuts but spends in such large uncontrolled amounts that it is wasteful. National Governments do the same on a more grand scale. Democracy has come to mean voting. The two things are connected but are not the same.
    If something is ‘good’ it does not need voting for. We are only asked to vote for selfish greedy false promises the results of which are " good" for some and not for others. A majority does not turn “bad” into “good”. It might be no worse if we joined with Southampton. It feels more local than Winchester
  • We have too many layers of bureaucracy as it is and this seems to be another opportunity for pointless councillors that in my experience are only in it for themselves
  • More changes result in more cost. We need to tighten the coppers and need to focus on essentials only
  • This is just another attempt to bleed money out the public. More councils = More council members = more mouths wanting feeding.
  • Too much building and lack of thought for the town
  • Creating another type of council sounds like EBC spending more money than is necessary.
    I just strongly believe that we should keep as Eastleigh as a borough council. We need joined up thinking for the whole area not small patches fighting their own corner. There has to be an element of all working together for the common good. How can this survey be representative when it is per household and not per voter. It is completely wrong to make this type of decision on the assumption that every voter in the household has the same view. Your leaflet and this survey makes no mention of whether this form can be returned more than once per household, so the result of the survey will not be representative of individual voters views.
  • This is not wanted and will cause an increase in costs through the new precept that will be needed. Also causing an increase in costs through the democratic process when elections are needed. This just adds another bureaucratic layer to an already multi layered governance system. Increased Councillor numbers will only obfuscate and delay any decision making. The current ruling party will use this as as another way to increase power through supposed “grass root” acceptance and political posturing. This new council will likely turn out potential Councillor candidates for the higher levels without proper representation of the Eastleigh demographic I. E. The older generation will be put forward as younger generations are solely focused on financial survival and family life and not able to dedicate un needed time. It ain’t broke, don’t fix it.
  • Leave our town as it is not wanting to live in a parish
  • All these committees do is take money nothing improves apart from councillors bank balance.
    Anything that lowers council tax is good with me.
  • I would like things to stay as they are. I am opposed to a Parish council in this area.
  • Didn’t we vote on this a few years ago? You can’t just revote when you don’t like the answer! We didn’t get another Brexit vote so you don’t get to sneak your extra tax and bureaucrats in with one. I lived in Allbrook for 5 years and saw no benefit from the parish but only extra tax. EBC has a serious public image problem. I’m sure you’re doing lots behind the scenes but it is exactly that - behind the scenes. Let people know what you are doing with their money. It’s not clear enough and it shouldn’t be the kind of thing you have to search for. Big yourselves up if you think you deserve it! I’m sure you’re doing great stuff in a challenging time, but people are becoming more politicised and you need to change to address this or you will have some very angry residents on your hands.
  • I do not want an extra level of bureaucracy that will no doubt result in increase in council tax to fund it. You tried to push this on us several years ago and failed then. Please stop.
  • Time to stop all these layers of management
  • If its not broken?? Then why fix it ?? Or could it because it will cost us more money ??? What is the point in adding to something that is already failing? Fix what’s wrong now, then think about adding to it.
  • There is no need to split councils further. It would create extra cost to residents funding roles that are already currently being completed. If devolution is needed I would suggest that a review of those currently completing these tasks is undertaken to understand why it?s not being completed to a satisfactory level. Surely during such difficult times the aim should be saving money.
  • I worry about the cost of all these various types of councils, and far too many different opinions holds progress up, and the wrong type of people put themselves up to serve of all these various councils. I sometimes think going back in time we were better managed by having one good efficient Borough Council.
  • Please explain if as a resident will any of the proposed changes impact on the cost of council tax.
  • It would be good to keep as it is.
  • My concern is if there would be a cost implications of the proposed changes to move to parish council, which I would not be in favour of.
  • I personally think there does not need to be a new parish or council for certain areas of the town. It would cause too much confusion as to who reports to where, and this would encourage more cheap new builds in Eastleigh, rather than focusing on giving the town some TLC.
  • Please don’t waste any more money making layers of beauracracy. This will cost and then you’ll be telling us you need to make cuts.
    Everything works fine now, so don’t change it: ‘it ain’t broken so don’t fix it’!!!
  • Eastleigh has gone way down it?s hardly worth going there many shops closed even before covid, gone a long time ago when Eastleigh was thriving with many shops and a bustling market
  • I think creating another parish council would add an additional level of bureaucracy that is unnecessary- Review the money paid out to consultants instead. Actually listen to the residents.
    Progress the Chickenhall link road and actually talk to Network Rail as you will have to cross two lines at least
  • This is a total waste of council tax payers money! It’s ‘jobs for the boys’. The council is restricted as to the increase in council tax they can impose so are creating another tier of local government so that each tier can impose it’s own increase - thereby virtually doubling the annual amount of council tax they can collect! We already elect councillors to govern the town for which they are extremely well reimbursed - why do we need another layer of imposed bureaucracy! I know that whatever the outcome of this survey it is already a foregone conclusion that this will happen so this consultation is another total waste of my council tax money! I hope I have got across that I am completely and totally opposed to this ridiculous idea!
  • I do not agree that a local town or parish council is needed. The borough council provides ample opportunity for any resident to get involved in democratic governance of our community. All I can see is that it will add another level of bureaucracy and additional costs.
  • Keep things as they already are.
  • Creating additional councils is not advantageous. This will create additional confusion over who is responsible for services (Hampshire vs Eastleigh borough). Fewer layers of governance should be supported. We also hear lots about economies of scale. This moves away for this principal which concerns me regarding local finances. It can?t be better to have economies of scale and very localised approaches.
  • All this would do is bring another level of red tape and bureaucracy which is unnecessary as we have the Borough. I understand that other areas further out of the town centre would find it more useful, but the town centre is serviced by the main authority and ELAC. Most of the current Councillor would make up the majority of the seats and would only delay things further. I cannot see there would be a financial benefit, if anything it would cost more. The staff and Councillors over the years have served the town well using the existing model. Especially during the many financial crisis the country has faced. Not to mention the current pandemic.
  • No it needs to stay as it is
  • Local councils nearby have made some shocking and expensive decisions that reap no benefit for the local communities. Chronic waste of money from what I have seen looking at hedge end as an example. Add no value to the community.
  • Why is this being done again. There are much bigger concerns right now!!!
  • I strongly object to a new parish or town council - in my view the added benefit of having another local tier of government is minimal to non-existent, and I?m not convinced the same can be said for cost. I see it as an unnecessary charge for something that adds nothing useful, and it?s certainly not value for money.
    Personally I actually support a unitary council because of the cost savings, and if I were being cynical I would say this survey is less about supporting residents and more about protecting Eastleigh Borough Council.
  • Too many Councillors already , do not need any more snouts in the trough.
  • I have seen no benefit in having a parish council, what I have seen in an increase in my council tax for it. Seems a good way to charge more for the same services to me.
  • Don’t listen residents now and is not likely to in the future. Same people under a different title which will end up costing more in tax.
  • The costs and running far out weigh the benefits of this fail idea all it creates is more councillor’s who just slope the problem on to the brough or hcc its a total waste of the tax payers money
  • I would like to abolish parish, local and the county council. Replace with 4 or 5 unitary authorities
  • Another waste of our council tax you do not say how much this will cost. Another way of getting more money out of us

Feedback from the “A new single parish or town council is created to cover the whole unparished area” supporters

“I would like more local accountability, but first of all we need a town council that can look after the whole area with local parish sub councils given the job of representing local needs.
The parish councils do have a better overview of local schools road maintainance
and planning and recreation requirement than a town council but so long as town listens to parish then the town as a whole should move forward to the benifit of all residents.
I am a great believer in any form of government asking its residents through local suveys what are your priorities and needs, this gives residents control, and polititions cover ie if residents voted for it carrying out their wishes will allways be correct”

“Will only work well if those voted responded to commutation properly and not get sound/ print bites in the local news or press
Also to provide correct information that is been properly researched”

Keep it simple please.
We do need a much local council for our area.

The crescent newtown. A good place

It would be great to have some renewed focus in the local community especially after the impact of covid recent. Eastleigh has always struck me as having a supportive community feel and it would be great to have the opportunity to continue this.

"It is difficult to see that there will NOT be extra cost involved by setting up a Parish or Town Council and the people who will pay are the residents. As listed in the FAQ’s

The councillors are unpaid but the Clerk are perhaps the Chairman are salaries which are not there at the moment. These will have to come out of the council tax which would be an increase from the existing level.

It would help the residents if those people who stand for election were not affiliated to a political party but stood as an independent."

"I think the area covered is specific enough not to need multiple parishes. They are all a continuation of Eastleigh Town Centre and the more it is broken up into multiple parishes, the more ?them and us? will be created.

In a town like Eastleigh with industrial history, diminishing high street/ local businesses and lots of pubs and unemployed youths and older males it would be a scary thought to carve it up into very small patches than can be seen to be ?patch areas? for youth or drug gangs to have borders and no go zones.

I do think it?s important Eastleigh is given its own parish like all of the other regions of the borough. It?s in the name but doesn?t have its own local governing level which is pretty ironic."

Things should stay as they are. We already have no control as HCC overturns all EBC decisions wo turning us into a parish would give less control
I believe that the Council Tax we pay in Eastleigh is extremely high and should be reduced. Rents are also too high and disproportionate. In my opinion, a parish ward would be ideal for Eastleigh.

"Regarding this review I think that one council for the town center makes good sense. However if many express a view for smaller area then given that the current parish of Allbrook is much smaller than the others perhaps it could expand to take in Boyatt Wood. This would suggest a town center parish boundary at the Romsey rail line.

On the wider picture I am in favour of single tier unitary authorities. I know that this works well in cities and large towns. Unitaries of city size (approx 400,000 pop) are big enough to generate income and finance services. Also unitaries cut out many anomalies such as Housing/Social care, Waste collection/Disposal, Pavements/Street lighting to name but a few instance where services are split between authorities.

If pressed on the subject by central government try to avoid being linked to Southampton and instead PUSH to amalgamate with Fareham and Gosport as a union of 3 equals."

Why do I have to pay to park my car outside my house, when.other parts of Eastleigh Borough don’t have to.

“Will that mean we will have to pay a parish tax in our council tax as well?
Will it mean that there will be more wages, pensions and expenses for more councillors?”
We need a way that concerns can be fed into the council more easily. For example the drug problem in eastleigh needs urgent action. Also the town centre needs to be made less appealing to gangs of youths just hanging around but there is no mechanism to get that addressed. This is the key point that a local government review needs to cover

As long as there is somewhere public-facing to go when the roads need fixing (they have for the last 8 years if not more), the local chavlings need entertaining beyond setting fire to things/mugging people or the bins need actually taking out. I just hope that this isn?t another step towards more red tape and Bureaucracy.
“We would like to see a town council running the whole of the unparished area, not a parish council.
As we have had dealings with parish councils and they are not so efficient at decision making, and only one person makes the decisions, the parish clerk.”

Too many parish councils are a drain on the limited cash flow

"To my mind, building lots of much smaller councils will require more people to run them which would of course be more expensive for the residents as not all will be volunteers, how much more I couldn’t guess. I can see that a lot of the borough has already been parished, so we are already in that situation to a degree, splitting the un-parished area into 2 or more would make it worse.
I am satisfied with the EBC though there are issues of road maintenance, security (we have had six incidents in the 13 years I have lived here) and traffic congestion mostly along Southampton Road & its extension to Jcn 12 on the M3.
If we are to have a much larger council then yes I would like some local representation but not at an unnecessary cost.

A new parish or town council is created just for my neighbourhood

Would prefer not to be combined with Southampton city council , as decisions need to be locally made not centrally . Southampton city council can?t deal with the issues they already have !


Town Council preferred over parish council

Will you actually be doing anything though or is this just another divvy up of power that won’t accomplish anything because your all to busy vying for different parishes

“If the elected parish/town neighbourhood councillors are all volunteers, does this leave them more open to pressure, and so called ‘gifts’ and sweeteners from over zealous developers, who are keen to get their planning proposals through the system swiftly, without objections,
than it they were councillors drawing an annual salary. ??
That would be one of our main concerns about local elected volunteers.”

I think it’s important that we have a local town council whether we have a new unitary authority imposed or not. It would be good to have an organisation to deal with local issues around our town.

“I support the creation of parish councils, as part of a move to larger UAs.
Large metropolitan councils, parish and maybe one day full federal or regional government for England is absolutely the way forward. The exemplary standard set by Scotland, Wales and London should be taken as a model.
The two tier system is ridiculous; it weakens local government in a highly centralising manner.”
Why change thing don?t fix thing that are not broke n just leave along

"Preference is for a single authority to cover the unparished area, but could also split into 2 parishes, Eastleigh, and Newtown+Boyatt Wood (using leigh road as the dividing line).

Happy Governance Review!"

It makes sense that decisions are made by people that know/live in the town and will know how things work, what are the issues and have the town’s best interests at heart. This will now be the case if decision making is moved to Southampton or even worse Portsmouth.
I support the idea of one new single parish council for the area, but would be strongly against the area being split .

Someone needs to take responsibility for Eastleigh. If you want the town centre to thrive, you need to speculate to accumulate and get the brands back. The ridiculous coffee shops , estate agents and charity shops. No other reason to go to Eastleigh

"1. What is the probability of a larger Unitary council ?
2. Will this absorb the Hampshire County Council AND all the Bourough and Parish Councils within in its area ? If so Will these councils still exist and what power of representaion are they likely to have in the planning,management and maintenance of local services.
3. How will Funding be provided by the Government and who will control its allocation and prioritisation.

How will answers to the above questions be acheived if this is only in the consultation stage."

I feel that it would be better that the unparished area is divided with the northern part added to the Allbrook parish area. The boundary would be easy to define by using the Winchester - Southampton and Eastleigh - Romsey railway lines. This would allow for expansion of the Eastleigh town area and would give an Allbrook and North Eastleigh parish of a similar population to Bishopstoke.

A local parish council is just a status symbol for the members of the parish council. Local views are ignored and there are extra costs for our overall council tax.
Do not amalgamate with Southampton

Why can things not stay the way they are. I feel here in Eastleigh you are doing a wonderful job and any changes may not maintain that service. My honest opinion dont change what is not broke…

Everything is good as it is to brake it down into small patches will add to cost and confusion and there more than enough problems dealing with the council as it is without adding more into a system that is hardly working as in closing the town center off to traffic not used a single shop there and have to travel further away to do my shopping

"A link to the survey on the news article on the EBC website would have been useful

I would have liked a council just for Boyatt Wood but on balance I think it would be too much administration."

Hopefully a reorganisation will not cost residents more money

No further comments…

The wording in this survey & within the circulated leaflet is very unclear & confusing. It has been difficult to get to grips with what the whole thing is about as well as hard to decide from the survey wording which is the actual option we wanted to select.


Your survey box for house number would not allow me to enter 7c and have therefore been forced to enter 73 (a=1, b=2 and 3=c)

separate parishes for smaller areas would likely result in unfair distribution of budget, and most of us use services in multiple parishes anyway.

We need more road sweeping

"Town council for whole unparished area but with business and resident representation for 3 distinct areas:

Boyatt Wood, bounded by Allbrook parish, M3, Leigh Road and Twyford Road
Eastleigh South, bounded by Southampton LA boundary, M3, Leigh Road and
Southampton Road/Wide Lane
Eastleigh East, bounded by Twyford Road/Southampton Road/Wide Lane and
boundaries of Southampton LA, West End parish, Bishopstoke parish, Allbrook

"If the borough council area will expand then I strongly support the creation of a town council for Eastleigh Central area.

Parish and town councils cater more personally for the needs of the parishioners which will be necessary if the borough expands and becomes less personal."
"I have just bought a house in the area received the CGR in the post. It seems like a good idea for a local council to be in place to govern the Eastleigh area.

It seems unusual that the other areas covered by Eastleigh Borough Council are parished (Chandlers Ford, Allbrook etc), yet Central Eastleigh is not - makes sense to treat all areas the same way in terms of council governance"
More emphasis needs to be placed on the residents within this area, and a parish council will be able to focus on local issues such as clean streets, anti social behaviour such as the excessive use of cannabis used whilst walking down the street or in parks. Eastleigh itself has been a forgotten place for residents and it is obvious when you are in other parishes as more care is taken to look after the environment. For example big difference when in Chandlers Ford cleanliness compared to Cherboug/ Cranbury Roads.

It would be nice to know , that if you had a problem you would know who to contact.

as this offers no protection from further development it?s a bit of a waste of money

"Good afternoon

I purchased my property in September 2015. I live on the Lakeside Estate and my house is privately owned. When I moved into my home there was an annual maintenance fee of £90 (charged for by Bartley Management Limited) . In 2017 this charge increased to £120, and last year they put their charge up again to £165.12; so that is an increase of just over 83% in 5 years.

In the five years I have lived at this property, I have never seen any evidence whatsoever of maintenance being carried out by Bartley Management Limited in the surround area of my property.

I pay for them to carry out fortnightly garden maintenance and to sweep my parking court, also fortnightly. I have no idea where these gardens are or even if they exist and I have never seen anyone sweep my parking court during the 9 months I have been on furlough. My understating is that Eastleigh Borough Council maintain the hedges, grass verges and shrubs .

Whenever I raise concerns about the upkept of this estate, BML dismiss these concerns and fail to take any ownership. They are often hostile and aggressive towards me.

I have asked them numerous times to clarify exactly what they are responsible for maintaining and to provide evidence of any site visits / maintenance work they have carried out but they have never responded to me.

I have spoken to other residents on my estate, who also own their properties, and they are having exactly the same issues that I am with BML. There is a complete unwillingness to be transparent about what they are doing with our money.

I do not understand why I am forced to pay this maintenance fee each year, and why my council tax is not deducted as a result.

Please can you confirm who owns the Lakeside Estate: - Eastleigh Borough Council, Barratt Homes or Bartley Management so I pursue this further with the correct organisation?

Not sure I fully understood the first two questions. I would vote for the green area (unparished), marked on the map, only.

It makes sense for Eastleigh to have its own council under the borough council

I think it?s very important that EBC is not disbanded and we are lumped into a unitary authority with Hampshire. Eastleigh is so much better than surrounding councils. They really care for the community and provide lots entertainment in the streets, all for free. I think this is another way for central government to control local government.

I think it’s a great idea to create a new Town Council for the Eastleigh centre area. There are areas of development/maintenance that it is difficult to arrange without that more intermediary local level representation.

"I think it is very important that all communities are treated fairly and equally. All areas need green spaces and need to keep existing green spaces.

To be honest, although I have chosen ‘A new single parish or town council is created to cover the whole unparished area.’ I am not sure if ‘A new parish or town council is created just for my neighbourhood’ would be better."

Thanks for consulting me - makes me feel more connected to EBC.

I am upset at having to pay for parking outside my house in arnold rd,when we were told when we were long standing residents .the new system is poor with no permits in car windscreens,if you want to contact the owner.of a car which is blocking you in you do not know which door to knock on.
Real involvement of the residents to the plans and decision making process.

Feedback from the “A new parish or town council is created just for my neighbourhood” residents

Regular things through post which is good. Dont always read them tho!

Better policing of dog fouling
I think it is best for local residents to have the first say or opinion in what happens in thier local community. We all know what happens when an organisation becomes too large and detached from reality, often not considering the needs of local communities. It often appears that money and how to spend it (or not), or indeed, waste it becomes the central issue. Keep it local.

Every parish has its own needs and not blanket covered by one bigger parish covering all of the areas

no comments

There is no clear explanation of how any of these options would work??
Neighbourhood has been neglected

My new parish should be for all to take part in. Priests, lay prachers, street preachers and others. Nuns to be included (they do the most for the poor)

Keep our Eastleigh Borough Council

"I still can?t quite understand exactly what this means. It might be helpful if there were better communications by way of a round table with local leaders?

What does Community Governance mean in reality for residents and how do any suggested changes give Eastleigh residents a better platform and voice at local and regional level?"

My preference is for a town council that is just for Eastleigh

Thank you for consulting us on this. I was not aware that this development was being planned by the government , though I have worked in local government for over 20 years. My experience of contact with parish councils was overwhelmingly positive, and having the chance to provide information to a local councillor for the benefit of this area, which can feed into changes and policy consideration, would be a good and positive development.
“Id love to see more green initiatives, the types of recycling available (especially plastic) increased. It’d be nice to see more events for younger adults
without children and encourage some nice modern restraunts into town (similar to the Chalet).”

"I feel that smaller parishes can take into account the needs of local people more effectively and efficiently .

Local residents and businesses can be more involved in local decisions such as parking , parks ,leisure facilities , re- cycling and care/ facilities for volunarable members of society such as the elderly and disabled members etc .

I feel that local parishes and councils ( ran by local people) should have the power to make important decisions that benefit their local area , rather than people that live very far away with no connection or knowledge of the area ."

if it means that I might see more of my local councillors and not just know their name iand chase them with problems I would like a new parish or town council for my area!!

"The attention needs to be on supplying basic needs to start. The roads and pavement areas are a disgrace whilst the need to build flats and housing seems to be more important.

We need to save the town centre from becoming a housing development."

I would prefer an Eastleigh town council area.
“Ark the area feel safe again.
Rude loud you the constantly being a nuisance around the area”
This is a good initiative in the right direction and the new residents of North Stoneham Park, who are possibly paying the highest band of council tax in a like to like comparison to other residents in central Eastleigh, deserve better representation and looking after. Al smaller local governing body will also provide further impetus for the community to grow, flourish and further integrate into Eastleigh, as opposed to lying on the fringes and being looked after, after everyone else.

I am in agreement that we need a Parish to ensure representation at Parliamentary level is not reduced. I believe a town council for our area is the best way to represent the needs of local people as it allows town councillors to spend more time liaising with their local community to identify and respond to need

"I think local is good, getting to grips with what communities really need and what is most relevant, given our location and access to opportunities, services and amenities. These are invariably different to the needs of Allbrook. For example, the issue of parking, permits, and now having to pay to park at my own house, is not relevant to other areas. Dog fouling is a horrendous issue at the moment. As we speak, I am trying to run a community donation project in order to create care packages for the NHS and I am so proud of the response from the local community and beyond, but feel embarrassed and disgusted that, in order to donate, they have to tread in the dog mess either side of my gate. We have Leigh Park on our doorstep, and there is no excuse for not clearing up after your dog, but I do think the state of the pathways in Newtown at present, in relation to dog fouling, is beyond dreadful, and the need perhaps for community cameras and the ability to fine people, may be totally irrelevant in more rural areas of the borough.

My only concern with this potential change of governance is it becoming an extra and unnecessary layer of government, and therefore muddying the waters with decision-making. I wouldn’t be happy for opportunities which are currently offered across the borough, to then become available to just some residents and not to others - somewhat of a postcode lottery."
I think it’s always better to have local issues resolved more locally. It means more focus and more locally appropriate action
Need to represent the community

Can we be informed in more. Nearly all older people with no internet
If overall authority control moves to larger dimensions, then proper local representation will be needed.

I would prefer a separate parish or town council just for my area as I think town centre area needs are different to those in areas away from the towm centre
I shall reiterate that standards of people behaviour have fallen dramatically in the five years of living here. I hope that a more localised approach to governance can eradicate social behavioural problems at source.
See last comment

If you want the local community to support you, you need to actually DO what the majority wants. Get the people to vote, get out into our street and see for yourselves what the community has become. It’s no good sitting in your office using Google maps.
It would be helpful to have a more comprehensive list of the services that the new Council will provide. It would also be helpful to understand how they will have to procure the services to ensure budgets are spent appropriately and public funds safeguarded.
More information required
Boyatt Wood?s needs, issues and future development differ from central Eastleigh so a local parish council would be more effective.

We need a person who is going to interact with the community
As Allbrook is a very small Parish Council, would it not be sensible to make one larger Parish Council for Boyatt Wood and Allbrook, leaving the rest of Eastleigh, much of which is non-residential to become another council.
Think it’s important to have a local view

Decisions regarding the local community need to be made locally.
This is a very positive approach to consult local residences on this proposal. It is now key this view is applied and not ignored or over-ruled by a higher level of government.

Issues in Eastleigh town likely to differ from out of town, therefore would prefer separate council areas.

Extend Allbrook Parish to include all houses north of the railway line

The needs of our parish differs greatly from the areas within the town centre. We have a small collection of shops and a post office.



By the people and FOR the people not a tick box paper exercise to make the council look good !

If we’re losing EBC then a local Parish/Town Council is a very good idea.

Good idea to bring local decisions that affect local residents to the residents themselves.

A clearer map would be useful.

Simply listen to the people and not go blindly on doing what a very few people have decided they want.


I think local people making decisions for their local area is far more democratic and offers better accountability to residents
The Aviary could be combined with the new estate at Stoneham Park both being of a similar nature and completely different to town centre living.

want what is best for Eastleigh residents

My address is [redacted] we need a council that will understand local issues and know the area and the issues which the area experiences and we as residents need a say

"Please stop vivid from building houses!!! We bought one and everyone down out road hates what they have done.

All thr waste is under our grass so we can’t dig. Cheapest fitting which leak. Bad designs which cause mold. Crap under all the places you cannot see.

They do a crap cost cutting job so stop using them or make them active better standards"

Not so much a comment more a query. Who will comprise the Governance committee? Are they volunteers?

I feel a parish council will give residents more influence in their own area


Better decisions made by people who live in the area

Officers must live in the Community
Need local decisions made by local people with more knowledge and passion about the area.