Reform Party UK - Vote Alexander Culley

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On Tursday May 6th Vote Alexander CULLEY
for Eastleigh Borough Council

Make Eastleigh an even better place to live. Innovate by increasing plurality on Eastleigh Borough Council. Regenerate by adding real-world business experience to the Council. Mandate more action against anti-social behaviour. It’s time for Reform.

  • Yes to a new police station for Eastleigh
  • Yes to an alternative voice on Eastleigh Borough Council
  • Yes to maximising support for local businesses.
  1. No Whip. All our councillors are whip-free, which means rthey can vote on matters that concern you and your community without i nterference from the party. All the main parties make their councillors toe the party line.

  2. Decentralise. More power to local areas. Now that we have Brexit, let’s localise our politics even more.

  3. Council Spending. Common sense local spending. Cutting wasteful spending.

  4. Save Our High Streets. Rescue our struggling high streets with free parking, business rate cuts, encouraging homes in town centres, targeted investment, local resident discount schemes and more.