Recommend an ISP?

Vodafone have cut off our broadband without notice, due to an admin error at their end, and can’t restore it for two weeks.
The connection is very erratic anyway, so can anyone recommend a telecom firm/ISP that’s reliable in central Eastleigh?

Requirement for reliable counts Virgin Media out (if you’re cabled up!). It’s technically the best for speed / performance but badly let down by their modem which you can’t change.

The rest all use the same BT network, so you may have a line problem which might appear on them all.

My top recommendation if price is no object would be Andrew’s and Arnold (AAISP). They monitor your line and will often get BT out before you notice! Great customer service, awesome tech options and full control.

Cheap entry suggestion would be Plusnet; they’ve been awesome and once when it all went wrong and I felt badly treated, they apologised and gave me a few free months and a bar of chocolate! :slight_smile: happy customer, great customer service!


I shouldn’t say anything here because I can’t recommend anyone.

I would say that Plusnet has good customer service and that helps expedite issue resolution. Crap performance is representative of all ISPs in my experience.

The only thing I haven’t tried is a satellite service - but that’s next!

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Thanks for your replies Adam and Sam.
I’ll advise the landlord to go with Plusnet.


Starlink has just become available here if your landlord has £85/month! :wink:

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Plus £500 for hardware!