Post edit grace periods

@RichardLarge asked the editing of posts as he can’t edit his original post to say his cat has been found. Just thought I’d clarify what the settings were, since they are different depending on your trust level. :slight_smile:

  • Level 0, or Level 1 users get 1 day to edit their posts and correct information.
  • Level 2 or above get 30 days to edit their posts.

For lost and found it makes sense to be able to update for longer, for example to flag an item that has been found. I’ll look into the best options for this later, but i suspect leaving the post history in tact, and allowing the status to be clearly set to ‘solved’, or ‘found’, would be better.

Thanks for raising @RichardLarge!

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Hey @RichardLarge,

Thanks again for feedback - I’ve now added support to mark topics as resolved from a comment in the lost and found category. I’ve done this for your topic so makes it easy to see the original post, and then the ‘found’ bit. (Original poster and staff have permission to do it).

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